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Darieth shares her experience using DMCA.com to get her content removed. Read more about Darieth's Story

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    Has Your Content Been Stolen?

    Video, photo, graphic, text published online without your permission. We can help

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    Protect Your Website With Us!

    We provide website owners with a secure system that protects their valuable content from theft or copyright infringement.

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    Commercial Takedown Services

    SEO theft, Indexing loss, website copied, marketing materials stolen! If you run a business online we can help!

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    Personal Takedown Services

    If your private pictures or videos have been posted online without your permission, we can help get them taken down now.

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    Keep Content Thieves Away!

    Add DMCA Protection Badge to your Website Today

    • Protect your original content from theft
    • Actively combat copyright infringement online
    • Monitor your protected pages
    • Simple, effective and FREE of charge
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    DMCA.com Protection Certificate

    Let people know you are verified by DMCA.com and your content is protected with our protection status certificates.

    How it works

    3D Content Protection

    • Detect thieves from stealing your content
    • Detect if they do steal your content
    • Defend your content and remove it from other sites
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    Facebook Watermarker

    Protect your facebook photos with our facebook app and instantly watermark your own custom text and logos

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    • Protect your Facebook Photos
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    Website Protection Pro

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    • Unlimited Plagiarism scanning.
    • Unlimited image watermarking.
    • Unlimited Do-it-Yourself DMCA Takedowns.
    • Comprehensive Website Detective Tool.
    • Easy-to-use Case Management System.
    • Only $10/month or $100/year
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    We have a wordpress Plugin!

    You can now Watermark your Wordpress images on the fly with our Wordpress WaterMarker Plugin. You can also use our DMCA Protection Badges plugin to automatically add the protection badges to your wordpress site.

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    Protect Your Website With A Free DMCA.com Badge

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    What is a DMCA Badge?

    A DMCA Badge is a seal of protection placed on your website that deters thieves from stealing your content.

    With a registered badge, you have access to the tools, resources and support to swiftly takedown any website that steals your content.

    Thieves don’t like that!

    Top reasons to use DMCA.com services


    Use our content protection tools to make stealing your content much more difficult


    Protect your images from illegal use by having your brand and copyright info automatically watermarked onto your images.


    Locate unauthorized duplicates of your content using our content scanning tools


    Taking down stolen content is costly and time consuming. Our inexpensive and quick tools get you on the way right now.

    The problem

    Everyday millions of website owners have their valuable content stolen.

    What's worse is that they often do nothing as they are confused and unaware that anything can be done.

    This is where we come in!

    Our entire business is designed to make this difficult scenario easy and effortless for our customers.

    Find out below exactly how we help.


    How do we solve this problem?

    DMCA Takedowns

    Our team will takedown fraudulent websites, personal pictures and videos, or we will empower you with the tools to do it yourself.

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    Photo Watermarker

    We automatically protect your images by adding a watermark containing your copyright information and company logo.

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    Website Protection Pro

    From finding stolen content to getting support in taking it down, our protection plan gives you everything you need to succeed.

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    Over 86 Million Pages Protected & 75 Million Badges Delivered Daily!