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DMCA Protection Badges

Add a DMCA.com Protection badge your site and if someone steals your content, we'll do the takedown service for free *

Build your Own Badge

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Custom DMCA badges are now officially supported. Modifying this code in any way
outside of this editor may result in you losing your DMCA Protection capabilities.

Premium Badges

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Our Premium Badges are available to Protection Pro users only.

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DMCA Protection Badges
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How do DMCA.com Badges & Certificates Work?

It all starts with getting a DMCA.com Protection Badge on your site. Once you add a badge to your page(s), it allows our system to verify that the badge is correctly installed. Once we verify it's correctly installed we take a snapshot of the source code and encrypt it. This becomes the digital signature of that page. It can be un-encrypted later, by you. Once the badge is on your page for 30 days it becomes "Protected by DMCA.com", this means we'll do the takedown for free if someone steals it *
DMCA Protection Certificate
Defend, Detect, Deter!

Defend your content!

If your page has been stolen while under DMCA.com Protection, DMCA.com will do the takedown service for free *

By using a Protection Badge on your pages each of your protected pages will show in the DMCA.com portal, from there it's easy to launch a takedown **

Detect Theft!

Sometimes people will steal your entire site! With the protection badge still on it. This will appear in the Portal and you'll see un-familiar sites with your badge on it. This is one way the badge helps you to detect theft.

Our Protection Pro plan also has a great scanning tool, it's only available to paid users.

Deter Theft!

Many thieves and plagiarists are lazy and they're always looking for the path of least resistance. With DMCA.com on your side it's clear to the thieves that you're ready to fight for your content and you've got DMCA.com on your side.