Please follow this guideline in order for to provide you the best matched service. In order for to provide a best quote for research or monitoring services these questions must be answered.

  1. What is the content?
    1. Video - what format and what is / was the source
    2. Image - what format and what is / was the source
    3. Code - what language and what is / was the source
    4. Text - what specifically. Some (in fact a lot) of words and phrases cannot be copyright. Or will provide false positive search results. Be as specific as possible and provide the original source.
  2. How many versions or titles?
  3. List the versions and titles?
  4. How long ago was the content created?
  5. When was the content stolen?
  6. Global or regionally specific? Are you interested in stolen content list everywhere or only in one area e.g. North America
  7. What other locations of the content have existed previously?
  8. What search engines are you concerned about locating the content?
  9. What languages whether translated or source are involved in the content?
  10. Is the content commercial or personal? Was the content produced / created commercially or personally?
  11. Who owns the copyright?
  12. Who created the content?
  13. Is the content connected to other copyrighted content? Such as a picture within a (text) document?
  14. How many times has the content been searched for previously?
  15. How was the content originally stolen?

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