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  • • Protect your original content from theft
  • • Actively combat copyright infringement online
  • • Monitor your protected pages
  • • Simple, effective and FREE of charge
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Why use DMCA .com Website Protection?

The DMCA .com Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and place a FREE DMCA .com Protection Badge on your website. Included in the Protection Service:

  • 1 FREE DMCA Takedown per year if your content is stolen.
  • 10% OFF all Professional Takedown services.
  • Protected page tracking through DMCA .com's secure Portal.
  • Huge selection of Protection Badges to choose from (Protection Badge catalogue).
  • Access to DMCA .com's comprehensive online Knowledge Base.
  • FREE DMCA Badge to protect your content.

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How Do I Get Started?

It's quick and easy. You are done in 3 minutes or less. It's Free and simple:

Once the Protection Badge is placed on your website (preferably in the footer), every page the Badge appears on will automatically register as a Protected Page in the DMCA .com Secure Management Portal. You will be given a username and password to login and check your protected page list.

You can easily file a Takedown request for any of these pages and take advantage of our One-time Free Takedown offer.

What Type of Website Content is Protected?

DMCA Protection acts as a powerful line of defence between your content and potential online criminals.

Protected content includes website text, graphics, photographs, videos, applications, games, articles and so on. Basically, any original material you've created can be protected, whether copyrighted or not.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

"I sell a popular ebook on my website. I've been working on it for 2 years and I was shocked, upset and nervous when I came across it on a few file sharing websites. This is the way I support my family, and my hard work was being given away for free without my consent. I contacted DMCA .com and they had it removed from those websites in 12 hours. Not only did they save my business, but they assured me constantly that I was being taken care of. This was very comforting and great to know they were here to help."
- Christian James, California

"I spoke to an internet lawyer who wrote a book on this subject, who told me this "sounded" like a $200-$500 bill, but that he would need a $3,500 retainer before he got started and that the majority of it would be refunded. I asked him "if you know you are going to refund it, why charge me?" to which he replied that he's the best etc etc etc. I told him I would get back to him. Then I found DMCA .com. The perpetrator's website has been taken down in less than 8 hours. Amazing. Thank you."
- Tom P, Florida,

Common Questions | Click Here to Ask Us a Question >

  • How do I add a DMCA Protection Badge to my website?

    To add a DMCA Protection Badge to your website simply register for a free account, and log into the DMCA Management Portal. Once logged in, you can navigate to "My Protected Pages" in the secure area, and click "Add New Page(s) to My Protection Plan". Pick a Badge you like, copy the embed code, and paste it either in the footer of your website (to protect all pages with that footer), or on certain pages. Every page that contains a DMCA Protection Badge will be automatically added to the your protected pages.
  • How long does it take for a webpage to appear in the Secure Portal after adding the DMCA Protection Badge?

    New web pages with the DMCA Protection Badge are detected instantly and will appear in the secure Portal Protected pages listing within 48 hours after placing the badge on your website.
  • How long does the DMCA Protected Badge have to be on my webpage before I get a FREE Takedown or the 10% discount?

    The DMCA Protection Badge must be on a certain web page 30 consecutive days for a FREE takedown and 7 consecutive days the 10% discount.
    Takedown discounts apply only to pages with the DMCA Protection Badge. Only 1 free takedown per year per domain or account registered.
  • Can I really protect my website for free?

    Yes. No strings attached, no fine print, no credit card number required, no surprise invoices. DMCA Protection service is absolutely free of charge, including both the use of the Protection Badges and the use of the DMCA Secure Management Portal.
  • How do I Register a webpage after placing a DMCA Protection Badge?

    The process of adding pages to the DMCA Protection plan is extremely simple. All you need to do is place a DMCA Protection Badge on a certain web page, and that page will automatically be scanned and registered in our secure system.
  • Is there a quick way to add DMCA Protection to all my webpages?

    Adding the DMCA Protection Badge to the footer of your website will automatically add that web page that contains that footer to the Protected pages list for the account you registered.