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    Start protecting your online content with Protection Pro. A simple solution for protecting photos, videos, written content and more.

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    Protect your website content for FREE with our protection badges.

    • Content thieves will think twice
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    • A simple, yet effective way to combat copyright infringement online
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    DMCA Protection Badges
  • Protection Certificate

    Let people know you are verified by and your content is protected with Protection Status Certificates.

    • Protection Certificates for each page with a badge
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  • Website Protection Pro

    Protect your valuable website content with the ultimate in content protection services.

    • Unlimited image watermarking
    • Unlimited Do-it-Yourself Takedowns
    • Easy-to-use case management system
    • Premium badges
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  • Find Copied Content

    Scan the web for unauthorized copies of your content online using the Copy Scanner.

    • Easily start a new Takedown if your content is found
    • Unlimited scans for Pro Members
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  • Website Detective

    Our built in Website Detective provides an easy way to find out:

    • Who owns the website that has copies of your content
    • Where the domain was registered
    • Where the domain is being hosted
    • Unlimited WhoIs use for Pro members
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DMCA Protection Badges
Protection Badges

Protection Badges are "DMCA Protected" labels that can be placed on your website and webpages to ensure each of page is protected and gets its own certification. DMCA offers a wide selection of Badges so you can choose one that suites your site both in style, shape and color.

ProtectionPro subscribers get a set specially designed premium badges to place on their website. These badges are more unique and come in more with more styles, shapes and colors than the standard protection badges.

100 100 + Premium Badges
Custom Protection Badges offers you full control, online, real-time, customization options for your badge. Size and color options coded to match your webite perfectly. While other protection companies offer a take it or leave it approach, with DMCA we give you all the tools you need to make a perfect match.

Just another feature to ensure the "DMCA Protection" Badge fits and works for your site.

Content theft protection

By placing a DMCA Protection Badge on your site for 1 month (30 days) or more you get access to Professional team of takedown specialists protecting your webpage.

Once a year you can call upon our takedown professionals to conduct a takedown for you.

1 per year 10 per year
Tracked Badge ID's 1 10
Multiple Badge Management
HTTPS Delivery
HTTPS Validation
DMCA Takedowns
Do it yourself DMCA Takedowns offers a complete online toolkit for you to create, research and conduct you own takedowns. Complete with:- easy to use takedown case management system- Website detective - auto generating takedown form - download option so you can email the takedown request
Export takedowns to pdf As part of the DIY Takedown Toolkit your "easy to create" cases are instantly transformed into secure PDF's when you hit "submit". This means you can then download forms and attach to emails safely.
DMCA Takedown Templates offers a number of takedown templates depending on who and where you are. These options means whether you are a person or company your takedown form will match the letter of the law when submitting takedowns against offending websites and hosts.
Image WaterMarking
Real-Time Image Watermarking In a few simple steps all the pictures, graphics and images on your website can be watermarked. no more uploading and downloading, no more buying expensive photo processing software and editing every picture before you place it on you website. No more picture by picture management of your watermarking. Once you complete the process of DMCA watermarking you never have to do it again for you website - just manage your photos, graphics and text as you always have. does all the work for you. Protect all your images all the time! 24 hour limit Unlimited
WaterMarker - Custom logo Use your corporate or organizations Logo as watermark to your website photos. Same simple steps as the rest of the watermarking service only now you can use your logo as the watermark instead of the DMCA Protection logo. Personalize your watermarking with your logo.
Block Right Clicks The number one way thieves steal content - "right click" on their pc mouse and copy and paste to their website. Simple, fast and effective. EXCEPT when you use watermarking and protection service. STOP thieves cold.
WaterMarker - Image CDN An added bonus of the WaterMarker solution. Lightening fast image delivery. Many security solutions often slow down your service instead of making it quicker. Not with Now your website images are delivered through a global media CDN (content delivery network) instead of one web hosting service. Normally this would be an extra service you would have to pay for from your hosting provider. Now you get it included in your monthly subscription with
Certificate Management
Account Verification Having a Verified Website Certificate is one of the most popular reasons our clients pay for Protection Pro. This service allows you to verify your that your website pages are indexed and recorded by the DMCA Badge Protection service. Each verified page is listed in under the "Protected Pages" listing in the DMCA user portal. Getting Verified gives you more control and management of your Badge Protected webpages. Verified means you can delete and reprocess your webpages whenever you want instead of waiting for the Protection Index cycle.
Delete and Reprocess Pages With your verified status through Protection Pro you can now use the the "Delete" and "Reprocess" controls. Delete allows you to delete a webpage from your Protected Pages listing in the user portal. This helps keep your page listing clear of clutter. Reprocess allows you to add new pages into your Protected pages list. Or to update a page you may have edited. By clicking the Reprocess button indexing service will kick in and update your page(s). Again, no waiting for the standard DMCA protection indexing.
Verified Account Status With Protection Pro your webpage Protection Certificate will now show as "Verified". This is a very important step in advertising that you site is protected. This sets your website, webpages and content apart from your competition. It also tell thieves that your page is listed with which means you can proceed with a takedown from your Protected Pages listings. Verified gives you security, power and control.
Copyright Protection Tools
Website Copy Scanning Stay on top of thieves! Protection Pro clients can scan for copies of your pages with your content published illegally on the internet. All with with a single push of a button. Simply easy way to make sure thieves are not using and profiting from your content illegally. 2 Unlimited
Website Detective Tool Once you find a thief and their website you need to launch a takedown against it. But you need the contact information of the site owner AND the site hoster. The website detective does all the work for you. Simply enter in the website URL and hit enter. Instantly, all the information you need to know about your thief so you can process a takedown is presented to you.
Wordpress Plugin Get all the same great tools, badges and services for your wordpress site. has specially developed it's services to fit in the Wordpress environment. If you run Wordpress you can now get all the same content protection and enforcement DMCA offers to conventional website owners.
Blogger Plugin Get all the same great tools, badges and services for your Blogger site. has specially developed it's services to fit in the Blogger environment. If you run Blogger you can now get all the same content protection and enforcement DMCA offers to conventional website owners.
Facebook Album WaterMarker
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Protection Basic (Free)

Standard Badges

A huge selection of Protection Badges to choose from.

Website Certificate

Website copyright statement of content ownership.

1 Free Takedown

You get 1 free takedown per year.

10% Off

10% off all Professional takedown services.

Knowledge Base

Get access to our comprehensive knowledge base.

Protected Page Tracking

Keep track of your protected pages.

The DMCA .com Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and place a Protection Badge on your website. Included in the Protection Service:

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Protection Pro ($10/mth)

Standard + Premium Badges

Access to our selection of Premium Badges.

Website Certificate

Verified website copyright statement of content ownership.

10 Free Takedowns

You get 10 free takedowns per year.

Multiple Takedowns

Create and manage multiple Takedowns.

Find Content

Find copies of your content online.

Website Detective

Find out who is stealing your content.

Protect your website with the best content protection services. Protection Pro is an effective detterent, management, reporting and resolution system. If someone steals your content we'll do up to 10 free takedowns per year.

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Protect Your Website with Our Badges

Use the following badges to protect your website, content and graphics. Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code Protection Status Protection Status
Embed Code
More Badges

Premium Badges

  • Premium Protection Badges: Gain access to our subscribers only selection of premium badges
  • Certificate Management: Manage your own certificates
  • Verified Account Status: After your first payment is complete we are able to verify your account status & address with PayPal

Case Management

  • Case Management System: Handling multiple DMCA Takedowns or DMCA Counterclaim can be a tedious, time-consuming task. With our DMCA Case Management system - it's a breeze.
  • DMCA Takedown Generator: Create DMCA Takedown notices with accurate proven exportable templates (including PDF). Our professionals use this tool every day to get stolen content removed.
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Website Scanner

  • Copy Scanner: Scan the Internet for copies of your website! Unlimited queries, available 24/7/365.
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  • DMCA Watermarker: Instantly protect an unlimited amount of photos and add your copyright information to all of them.
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Who owns that website?

  • Website Detective: You can't get stolen content removed without knowing who hosts it. This extremely useful tool reveals the contact information of ISPs hosting an infringing website.

How Does DMCA Protection Work?

Why join the protection plan?

  • Protect Content Theft.
  • React quickly if theft occurs.
  • Use unique Anti-Piracy tools.
  • Get it free of charge.

1 Free Takedown

  • DMCA Protection members have reported a significant reduction in cases of content theft.
  • If content theft does occur, you get 1 free Takedown per year.
Protect Your Content

Free Badges

  • Choose from our selection of badges to match your site, or, create your own.
  • Place one of our protection badges on your website for free.
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DIY Takedowns

Website Protection Pro™ is designed to allow content owners to perform their own DMCA Takedowns, Counterclaims and Takedown research.

If you need to perform multiple DMCA Takedowns every month or encounter reoccuring cases of content infringement - doing these yourself is also a real money-saver.

Protection Pro allows you to download all your cases in PDF format.
pdf download
Create Takedown

Professional Takedowns

Our team of professionals use these exact same tools on a daily basis when performing DMCA Takedowns - they are one of the main reasons our Takedown success rate is so high.

Create Takedown

What if I need just one DMCA Takedown? is the #1 DMCA Takedown service provider. We can get your stolen content removed for a one-time fee of $199.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a DMCA Protection Badge to my website?

To add a DMCA Protection Badge to your website simply register for a free account, and log into the DMCA Management Portal. Once logged in, you can navigate to "My Protected Pages" in the secure area, and click "Add New Page(s) to My Protection Plan". Pick a Badge you like, copy the embed code, and paste it either in the footer of your website (to protect all pages with that footer), or on certain pages. Every page that contains a DMCA Protection Badge will be automatically added to the your protected pages.

How long does it take for a webpage to appear in the Secure Portal after adding the DMCA Protection Badge?

New web pages with the DMCA Protection Badge are detected as traffic browses the pages and will appear in the secure Portal Protected pages listing within 48 hours after placing the badge on your website.

How long does the DMCA Protected Badge have to be on my webpage before I get a FREE Takedown or the 10% discount?

The DMCA Protection Badge must be on a certain web page 30 consecutive days to qualify for a free takedown and 7 consecutive daysfor the 10% discount.

Takedown discounts apply only to pages with the DMCA Protection Badge. Only 1 free takedown per year per domain or account registered unless they are a protection pro subscriber or have other contractual arrangements.

Can I really protect my website for free?

Yes. No strings attached, no fine print, no credit card number required, no surprise invoices. DMCA Protection service is absolutely free of charge, including both the use of the Protection Badges and the use of the DMCA Secure Management Portal.

How do I Register a webpage after placing a DMCA Protection Badge?

The process of adding pages to the DMCA Protection plan is extremely simple. All you need to do is place a DMCA Protection Badge on a certain web page, and that page will automaticallybe scanned and registered in our secure system.

Is there a quick way to add DMCA Protection to all my webpages?

Adding the DMCA Protection Badge to the footer of your website will automatically add that web page that contains that footer to the Protected pages list for the account you registered.

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