The DMCA Protection Badge is an icon or graphic placed on websites. It may look like Protection Status but provides many badge choices - a complete list here: DMCA Protected Badge Choices and we also allow for custom creation of a webmasters own badge. The DMCA Protection Badge is a placed on a site for two reasons:
  1. as a link to the website owners statement of the site's Copyright / Content ownership and use - Statement Example here There are three:
    1. verified
    2. unverified
    3. unauthorized
  2. demonstrate to site users the website owner has chosen the Protection Service
The Badge has specific Terms of Use and should only linked to the Website Protection Certificate. Should the Protection Badge be used for alternate purposes and not link to a protection status page OR be located on websites using stolen content, it must be reported.
  1. I found the DMCA Protected Badge on a site with stolen content
  2. Report Abuse of DMCA Website Protection Badge
  3.'s Protection Badge Terms and Conditions of Use
  4. What is Website Status Page and Protection Certificate

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