The DMCA takedown notice generator is the main product of the Protection Pro subscription service. This is a DIY (Do it Yourself) Takedown service. You provide the information required to the takedown generator and just like that, the notice is generated for you! provides all tools to complete the takedown notice yourself. This service is designed for webmasters and internet professionals, however the generator is easy to use for anyone with time to learn.

For those who'd like to save money by managing, creating, sending their own takedowns, but using our templates and tools to make the job easier.

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Any owner of content has the right to process a takedown notice against a website owner and/or an Online Service Provider (e.g. ISP, hosting company etc.) if the content owner's property is found online without their permission.


What is a DMCA takedown notice?

A DMCA takedown notice is a legal document that copyright holders can use to notify internet service providers (ISPs) and web hosts of the presence of infringing material on their platforms. It aims to ensure that copyrighted works are protected and swiftly removed from the internet, while also upholding the principles of fair use and freedom of speech. By providing detailed information about the infringed content and the copyright holder, the takedown notice enables the ISP or web host to take appropriate action.

Simplifying the DMCA process

The internet has become a vast and diverse platform for sharing and accessing information. However, with the freedom and convenience it provides, concerns arise regarding the unauthorized use and distribution of copyrighted material. To address this issue, the United States Copyright Law introduced the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Among its provisions is the ability for copyright holders to send takedown notices to swiftly remove infringing content from websites. To simplify this process, a's takedown notice generator was created, making it easier for individuals to protect their copyrighted works through the Protection Pro subscription.

The Protection Pro subscription includes:

Creation of as many takedowns as you like.

  1. Downloadable PDF takedown notices.
  2. Ordered lists of all the takedowns you create.
  3. The Copy Scanner will assist you in finding your stolen content.
  4. The Website Detective will assist you in finding the appropriate abuse contacts.
  5. A case system is set up for you to manage your takedowns.

Protection Pro comes with the following takedown notice templates:

Personal Takedowns

  1. USA Personal takedown notice template
  2. Canada Personal takedown notice template
  3. European Personal takedown notice template
  4. India Personal takedown notice template

Business Takedowns

  1. USA Business takedown notice template
  2. Canada Business takedown notice template
  3. European Business takedown notice template
  4. India Business takedown notice template Testimonial

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How to use the DMCA takedown notice generator

The DMCA takedown notice generator is a tool designed to assist copyright holders in creating effective and legally compliant takedown notices. By entering relevant information, such as contact details, the specific URL(s) of the infringing material, and a description of the copyrighted work, users can generate a customized notice. This eliminates the need for extensive legal knowledge and simplifies the takedown process for individuals who may not have the resources to hire legal professionals.

Three pieces of information are needed to generate a DMCA takedown notice

1. Infringing Link

Where on the internet is your stolen content located? What is the link that you want the content removed from? Be sure to provide the URL or website/webpage link of the content you want removed. If the stolen content is an image or video located on a website provide the direct link of the content contained in the site. Copy and paste the infringing text, or provide the URL of the infringing image if required.

An example link would look like:

2. Source Link

Where was your content located when it was stolen? Was it from your own website? Provide the exact URL where it was stolen from, even if the content has already been removed from its original location. The original URL is still valuable to the notice. If it was not online you can reference cell phone, computer, or camera etc. If it was online such as a website or cloud storage provide the link to the exact page it was stolen from. You can upload the original content to a cloud storage service and provide that URL with an explanation of where it was originally stolen from.

An example link would look like:

3. Description of Infringement

What is the content owner's name and how was the content stolen? How is this content yours? How do you own it? Did you create it, buy it, copyright it? Who is claiming ownership of the content? Who is authorized to file the DMCA Takedown? When did you create the content and when was the content stolen?

An example description would sound like: "My photo I took of myself on my camera was stolen from my Google Drive and was posted on this website without my knowledge and I would like it removed."

If you are unsure how to collect the information for these three categories the Professional Takedown Team at can help with the answers. Click here to ask us about your situation.

Section 512 and DMCA agents

Under Section 512 of the DMCA, internet service providers and web hosts are granted certain protections from liability for copyright infringement committed by their users. To qualify for these protections, ISPs and web hosts must designate a DMCA agent and provide contact information, which can be found on their websites. The Protection Pro's website detective helps copyright holders identify the correct DMCA agent for a particular website, ensuring that the notice is directed to the appropriate recipient.

The importance of good faith

The DMCA takedown notice generator offers an accessible solution, allowing individuals to protect their copyrighted works from being unlawfully shared or distributed online. By simplifying the process and guiding users through the necessary steps, this tool empowers copyright holders to enforce their rights while respecting the principles of fair use and freedom of expression. It is crucial to act in good faith and ensure that the claims made are accurate and legitimate. Misuse or abuse of the DMCA takedown process can have serious consequences, including legal repercussions. Copyright holders should exercise caution and thoroughly review the material before submitting a takedown notice. Through responsible and informed action, individuals can contribute to a healthier and more respectful online environment.

Who can generate a DMCA Takedown Notice?

  1. content publishers or distributors (with permission of the content or copyright owners)
  2. content creators/owners
  3. copyright owners
  4. code writers and publishers
  5. NFT owners
  6. social media users and participants
  7. subject contained within the content and published without permission (special considerations may be required)

If the list above does not appear to describe your situation by all means ask. Click here to Ask us about your situation


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If you prefer Takedown Professionals handle your case for you, you can start your takedown here: Website Takedown Form

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