The European Union and each European county have a different "DMCA Takedown" process than the USA. ISP's, websites and service providers can follow their local laws within their country or jurisdiction when processing takedowns. The EU follows a Notice and Takedown process. To start go to:DMCA Takedown Signup and complete the form.

Description of the DMCA Takedown Process in the European Union

Many European countries are covered under the Electronic Commerce Directive
see wikis here

  1. Electronic Commerce Directive which is part of
  2. Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002.

Under the European Electronic Commerce Directive is Article 14 which specifically deals with Notice and Take down procedures. See European Union Notice and Take down.

At we are familiar with the process of DMCA Takedowns, Cease and Desist notices and Notice and Take down procedures within the EU. We are familiar with the takedown procedures within every country throughout Europe.

As such, we are qualified to go to work on your behalf. has conducted takedowns on websites and hosting companies around the world. Our staff and process are refined to process takedowns throughout Europe. Each region or country will have a different copyright takedown process and is familiar with most of them.

In fact most often we will be familiar with the website and the hosting company. This is important to you because prior to starting your case we can advise you as to whether there are any special considerations involved in conducting the takedown for your particular case .

Although our name,, is based on a US Copyright Act, we are truly an international company conducting business for our clients across the globe.

To get started simply go to:DMCA Takedown Signup and complete the form. You can also submit a question regarding your European takedown here: DMCA Question Form.

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