offers excellent discounted ProtectionPro pricing for groups, organizations, associations etc. Sign your group up today

Discounted pricing schedule listed below by membership numbers. offers two different sales programs for your membership:

  1. Group Coupon Code will issue your Organization a ProtectionPro Coupon code. Simply publish this coupon code to your membership base. When your members signs up they can enter the group coupon code at signup and pay your discount group rate.
  2. Group Fund Raiser Use's Group Discount to make money for your association. Everytime one of your members purchases a service your organization earns money. It's a great WIN WIN. Your organization can offer it's membership a service they want and need, benefiting them and your organization at the same time.

ProtectionPro Group Pricing

Domain CountMonthly PriceYearly Price
100+ Domains$9 / Domain$7.50 / Domain
250+ Domains$8 / Domain$6.50 / Domain
500+ Domains$7 / Domain$5.50 / Domain
1000+ Domains$6 / Domain$5 / Domain
2500+ - Domains$5 / Domain$4 / Domain
5000+ - Domains$4 / Domain$3 / Domain

For volumes over the above list please contact us directly

If you are not sure whether your group has already signed up please contact us directly We are unable to publish a list of all the associations and groups participating in this program due to confidentiality issues. However if you request information regarding your group we can confirm whether they have a coupon code or not and who to contact to get your code.

Please Note: also offers group discounted pricing on it's professional services like Takedowns, Research and monitoring

Start Your Takedown here: Sign your group up today
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