The best way to contact is through your existing case or to create a new case. You will receive the fastest responses through our case system.

How do I contact

If you are new to, choose one of the following options:

  • Create a case through our takedowns form here: Takedown Form
  • Create a case through our questions form here: Ask a Question
  • If you are already a client, you can choose one of these options:

  • Login to the Secure User Portal and create a case here: Login
  • If you have a DMCA Takedown case already, you can navigate to your case via the Dashboard and comment on your case here: Dashboard
  • You can phone If you get a voicemail, please make sure you leave your case number. Without a case number, professionals will be unable to call you back. List of phone numbers here: Contact Us
  • Generally, you will not need to speak to anyone at to get your takedown completed. However, should you need to speak with the person assigned to your case we do offer an additional service for phone support of your DMCA Takedown. Simply reply to your DMCA Case email. Once received your DMCA staff assigned to your case will contact you. This is solely at your discretion.


    DMCA Fast Tip

    99% of the time after you complete the DMCA Takedown form, the next contact you hear from us is when your copyrighted material has been removed.


    Will contacting help me with a Takedown?

    Yes, we can help with takedown using a DMCA Takedown Notice. A DMCA Takedown Notice is a type of legal document which lays out how two parties can handle the theft and subsequent online publication of copyrighted content or copyright infringement. A DMCA Takedown Notice gets its name from a section of the US Copyright Act called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA specifically addresses copyright violation and enforcement over the internet.

    This legal document is generally delivered to website owners, ISP's/ OSP's, Hosting Companies, UCG platforms or individuals illegally (re)publishing content without the permission of the (copyrighted) content owner. The document stipulates the content that has been stolen and republished without permission with a request for removal. It must be created and submitted in a specific manner so as to comply with the law. Failure to do so means the "notice" to remove the content will not be followed by any party involved in the copyright infringement.

    In exchange for the immediate removal of the content the publisher receives safe harbor from litigation regarding the illegal publication of copyrighted content.


    DMCA Takedown Testimonial

    My name is Johan Marckx and I am the Manager of Usa of Ego International Group company, our business connect clients to our website and help PMI do export all around the world, we believe and protect our content and with DMCA protection service now we be assured that our case will be assigned to a real person, with who you can communicate during the entire period of your case, comprehensive and helpful.


    When I contact what do I need to provide for Takedown?

    Three pieces of information are needed to get started filing a DMCA Takedown Notice:

    1: Infringing or Stolen Links

    Where on the internet is your stolen content located? What is the link that you want the content removed from? Be sure to provide the URL or website/webpage link of the content you want removed. If the stolen content is an image or video located on a website provide the direct link of the content contained in the site. Copy and paste the infringing text, or provide the URL of the infringing image if required. You must provide around 20 or more of these to show the entire site is infringing.

    An example link would look like:

    2: Source or Original Links

    Where was your content located when it was stolen? Was it on your social media profile? Was it from your own website? Provide the exact URL where it was stolen from, even if the content has already been removed from its original location. The original URL is still valuable to the notice. If it was not online you can reference cell phone, computer, or camera etc. If it was online such as a website or cloud storage provide the link to the exact page it was stolen from. You can upload the original content to a cloud storage service and provide that URL with an explanation of where it was originally stolen from. You must provide around 20 or more of these, matched to the infringing links as described above to show the entire site is infringing.

    An example link would look like:

    3: Infringement or Theft Description

    What is the content owner's name and how was the content stolen? How is this content yours? How do you own it? Did you create it, buy it, copyright it? Who is claiming ownership of the content? Who is authorized to file the DMCA Takedown? When did you create the content and when was the content stolen?

    An example description would sound like: "My photo I took of myself on my camera was stolen from my Google Drive and was posted on this website without my knowledge and I would like it removed."

    If you are unsure how to collect the information for these three categories the Professional Takedown Team at can help with the answers. Click here to ask us about your situation.


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