Has your personal content been placed on a website without your permission?

Are you concerned about your personal content (videos, pictures or text) being hosted online without your permission?


DMCA.com provides an Personal Content Internet Monitoring service. This service will monitor the internet for personal content that has been hosted without your permission.


This service gives you the security knowing that DMCA.com is monitoring the internet at regular intervals looking for your content.


DMCA.com notifies you! If DMCA.com finds the content you specified within your monitoring service set up, we will notify you immediately.


Total cost per month = $10/mth or $100/year. per website under monitor
We also offer discounted pricing on Website Monitoring for multiple websites.


This service to very simple to use.

  1. Complete the form below
  2. be sure and include your takedown case number when you sign up.
  3. Once submitted your case will be processed and
  4. an email sent to you for payment.


Start Takedown Monitoring here: www.dmca.com/contact_us

Modified: 02/12/2019
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