A number of our takedown clients often require the additional help of the DMCA.com Professional Services team. Our clients are content owners, creators, developers, distributors or sellers. They range from movie distribution companies, advertisers, personalities, entertainers, bands, gaming production houses, etc. Whether their business is music, video, graphics, pictures or games, DMCA.com Professional Services staff know how to look for it, where to find infringing content and how to get it down! Our highly experienced, fully qualified services team know all the websites, domains, ISP's and OSP's that perpetrate the largest amount of content theft on the internet.

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Search and Research

It is important to point out that content infringement research is key element of many of our professional services. DMCA.com management highly recommends some level of search and research in order to get the best out of any of the other DMCA.com Professional Service. Completing a full spectrum research project will help you determine the extent of any copyright infringement. Without this initial research being completed it is difficult to establish the most ideal takedown strategy, what monthly monitoring and reporting conditions to activate.

So what separates our service from "Google" Search?


DMCA Fast Tip

DMCA.com researchers must build a content research profile that is understood by computers, programs, applications and networks based on the internet. Once the profile has been started the DMCA.com team can move to the next stage of the work.


How does DMCA.com Research Services work?

DMCA.com Research Services use three main components to drive infringing content search:

Active Infringement Locations

DMCA.com keeps an extensive record of what sites contain the largest amounts of infringing (stolen) content. This isn't a list of couple dozen torrent sites. This is a database of thousands of websites spread throughout many regions that have been known to host infringing content that matches yours.

Paid Search Engine Connections

DMCA.com pays for its search engine connection. Our queries for search results occur at the database level. Using the standard search engines is important part of the research puzzle as most of the world's stolen content is still accessed through public facing search engines.

Advanced Search Protocols

DMCA.com developed unique technology that can access content matching your description while looking for its source or location. We uses this technology with the help of our very large protection network. DMCA.com indexes and protects over 150 million webpages EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our research department uses this same very large and powerful network combined with our own black box technology to crawl for infringing content across the globe.


Our Experts

There is a fourth component that is equally important to every one of the line items listed above - Human review. Our humans are the DMCA.com Professional Service team. These folks know their stuff. They are highly experienced and qualified. They know how to use the DMCA.com Search Technology to render results that are meaningful to you. As you may have well experienced yourself - it is not enough to just go looking in Google for results. Often searches render false positives. You need a human interaction to use the technology effectively. Our team of professionals combine our highly advanced technology to render industry leading results. We guarantee it. If the results we submit are not true and accurate you get your money back.


DMCA Takedown Testimonial

DMCA.com were successful in removing my copyright material from illegal websites. I am a filmmaker, and fighting the online piracy of my films and documentaries takes several hours of my week. DMCA.com streamlined this process and handled some very difficult cases, and were successful in stopping my film from being illegally downloaded. I recommend their service to anyone seeking to remove their content which has been pirated online. -T.D.


Research Packages

URL Return

  1. This is a machine result.
  2. Our Professional Services team sets up the search criterion and lets the DMCA.com powerful indexing and protection network process the search.
  3. The results will be an unedited list of content URL ONLY results.
  4. The aspect that sets this aside from a "Google" result is that the results will be location URL only.
  5. Ready for takedown notices.
  6. Standard search engine results do not expose the URL and would need to be reviewed one at a time in order to find continuity with the desired content titles.

Basic Research

  1. Generally conduct from a paid takedown case.
  2. Generally consisting of 1 to 3 content titles.
  3. Search is looking for easy variations of the titles listed above in order to find the content users access most frequently.
  4. Must contain Google.com as primary search location - as most users access this search engine.
  5. Approx 5 variations of the infringing title/name.

Advanced Research

  1. Generally conduct pre takedown case.
  2. Enterprise content creators looking for large content title libraries - price is determinenant on the number of titles in the library.
  3. Search is looking for a range of variations per titles listed in order to find the content users access most frequently and variation of the same content published in order to hide its origin or name or publisher.
  4. Will use multiple search engines.
  5. Will use multiple search locations.
  6. Title variations of the infringing title/name to be determined at service start.
  7. Includes "boardroom ready" report of findings.

DMCA.com incorporates a professional research engagement process, under contract with specific terms and conditions clearly laid out.

Examples of research engagement conditions are:

  1. Comprehensive list of content - by title, author, owner, code, etc.
  2. Specific locations of infringements by country, region or network or OSP.
  3. Range of content - video, pictures, graphics, code, text etc.
  4. Content publication or copyright dates.
  5. Infringement dates.
  6. Advertising and marketing exclusion zones by titles, author, code specifics etc.
  7. Affiliate or re-seller exclusion zones by titles, author, code specifics etc.

All research is conducted using both manpower and DMCA.com's massive cloud based indexing and processing network. The combination of the two provides an exceedingly comprehensive list of infringement on client content.

Please see specific service information here: Research and monitoring services checklist

DMCA.com brings a wealth of experience with regards to conducting a thorough research project. Copyright infringement research is highly sophisticated work as theft (infringement) of content is not always blatant and obvious.

DMCA.com search results have been submitted in the past for review by Board of Governors, C suites, copyright(s) owners, law firms, financial firms.

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Or, you can email researchcenter@dmca.com


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