Get peace of mind and add's Takedown Tracker to your next takedown notice.

DMCA Takedown Notice Tracking Service provides a Takedown Tracking service that you can add to all your takedown notices.

The Takedown Tracker program is part of's process automation platform. It's best use is post takedown notice delivery. It saves you the time of having to login and check for updates and the status of your takedown notice

Through Artificial Intellegence (AI) the Takedown Tracker service will daily check up on the status of your online infringing content. If found to be down it will notify you through case update and subsequent email.

As you can appreciate, just the time spent checking infringing links on websites can be extraordinarily time consuming activity. Not to mention, infringing websites and ISP's are not known for the active communication and often will not advise you when the content has been removed.

This service is not a replacement to the DMCA Professionally Managed service. The takedown tracker does not eliminate the need for takedown notice management to review ISP and website owner replies and engagement. Plus notice follow ups as required by the various parties involved in the takedown process.

This service will monitor any website for compliance to a sent takedown notice. In other words we will track to make certain the website referenced within your takedown notice has complied with the requirements of the notice, and removed the content.


This service gives the sender of a Takedown Notice security knowing that is watching the website that is illegally hosting content. We track the infringing website every day to ensure the content contained within your takedown notice is removed.


Of course once the content has been removed, notifies you!

We provide two options for this service:
  1. Clients' any client can simply add the takedown tracking service to their filed Takedown Notice Case.
  2. Other Service Providers Lawfirms, Lawyers, Security Firms, Hosting companies often process takedown notices and require a service to track the infringing website contained within takedown notice. This helps save them time and lowers the cost and time to you.

Total cost per month = $100/mth for daily tracking per takedown notice.
We also offer discounted pricing on Takedown Website Tracking for multiple notices and multiple websites.

This service to very simple to use.

  1. Complete the form below
  2. be sure and include your takedown case number when you sign up.
  3. Once submitted your case will be processed and
  4. an email sent to you for payment.


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