Upgrade to DMCA.com Protection Pro service and you can use your personal or corporate logo as a watermark on all your website photos or graphics.

Get Signed up

Although DMCA.com's standard watermarker program is free it does not come with the option to use your logo as a watermark. You will need to upgrade from the Free Watermarker program to use the "Logo as Watermark" program.

1.  First you must register / sign in and pay for the DMCA.com's Protection Pro level service. www.dmca.com/ProtectionPro/signup

Watermarking with Your Logo

1.  Login into DMCA Secure ManagementPortal login.dmca.com and enter your username and password.

2.  Select the Watermaker Pro tab

3.  enter the URL (folder) location of your website images for your website.

    - https://www.mywebsite.com/webimages

    - if there are not any images in the folder make sure to add some for set up and testing.

4.  enter the name of the copyright or content owner

5.  choose your watermaker placement location using the drop down choices.

6.  upload your logo by clicking on the "Choose File".

How to Get Started

1.  copy the masked URL followed by the specific file name.

2.  use that URL to reference your images (e.g. http://wms.dmca.com.wmt.532342/myimage.jpg

3.  change the image links on your entire site to point to this new folder (your masked URL).

You are now ready to review your site and make sure the changes have taken effect.

If you have any trouble with this solution please email us at solutions@dmca.com
Click here for Logo as Watermark: www.dmca.com/WatermarkerPro/signup

Modified: 02/13/2019
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By: Mr. DMCA Helper
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