can help with stolen underage content.

Case handling of any content containing minors is very serious and sensitive issue. Sexual content containing minors is considered Child Pornography in most legal jurisdictions. The process and handling of this content must be done with a great deal of care, consideration and transparency with law enforcement and other agencies with interest in the prevention of Child Pornography.

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DMCA Takedown Fast Tip

Content removal time frame varies depending on many factors. Most often we can have your stolen copyrighted content down within 24-48 hours.


Below is a complete list of's case handling procedures.

Case handling conditions:

  1. Your content will be quarantined. If your case contains content with minors (anyone under the age of 18) your case and all descriptions and website links will be quarantined from's corporate network. Only your Takedown Case Professional and one supervisor will have access to your case and contents. Once your case has been completed the contents of the case will be deleted.
  2. will report this content. We are duty bound by law to report to the relevant authorities any content which contains minors. If you have already reported your situation to please make sure and provide us with your case number.
  3. This will cost more. This service will cost more than our standard takedown price. Due to the highly sensitive nature of any content containing minors our workload for processing this case increases substantially. The interpretation of content as Child Pornography is very broad. Our "possession" of it by way of an email or case is a very serious matter and one we treat with a great deal of caution and security. As strong, law-abiding corporate citizens we are transparent about our efforts to remove your content off the Internet. However, this effort requires a lot of extra work on our part and unfortunately this means your price for to handle this case will be $1,099.00. You will need to pay this prior to us continuing to work on your case.
      1. Note about costs: Management recognizes the additional costs to the takedown represents an additional burden. We have continued to look for additional support to help make the cost of removing this content less for all underage victims. If you know of any organization that can help cover the costs, please contact us immediately at


Your Instructions:

  1. Hire a lawyer. Whether you are underage now or were underage when the content was created, we urge you to seek counsel. A lawyer will act as your intermediary in this process to considerable benefit to you. If you do not have a lawyer can provide a referral. Please mention to your Takedown Case manager you require legal representation.
    1. This will lower your price with
    2. We can still provide the takedown services through your lawyer.
    3. A lawyer will provide you individual rights advice and protection where you live - cannot. We are not lawyers and we do not specialize in the law. Our specialty is to find your content, find the owners and process the takedown in a way that gets your content removed – quickly.
    4. If you don't have a lawyer may be able to source one for you - depending on where you live.
    5. Your Takedown Case agent will connect with your lawyer to advise them of the process we follow to conduct your takedown.
    6. We can still process your takedown - If you chose to not employ a lawyer, we can still provide the takedown service for you BUT you will need you to acknowledge that we have received this advice and refused it and wish to proceed with’s help alone. AND that you understand we are not providing legal counsel.
    7. does not specialize in the law - we specialize in the internet and getting your content taken down.
  2. Cybertip it! Submit your information to If you are from outside of the USA please consult to find the contact form for your country.

Please note: If you are currently under the age of 18, please use a parent or guardian to act as your intermediary. Simply reply with their name, contact information and relationship.


DMCA Takedown Testimonial

My takedown was handled quickly and professionally. I’m so glad I found your service; you all are worth every penny and more. Best $200 I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you so much! Thanks, -A. A.


The CSAM Takedown Handling Procedure:

If the content you want to submit for takedown contains minors Takedown professionals will handle these procedures.

  1. All personal takedown cases are first quarantined from staff, corporate network and the Internet to avoid contact with any content that may contain minors.
  2. Should the case contain web links to content containing minors as claimed by the case creator, manager, Parent, Guardian, Police or Lawyer the case remains in quarantine.
  3. No content which may contain minors is viewed by any person within when processing cases DMCA Takedowns directly with Parent, Guardian, Police or Lawyer.
  4. All cases containing content with minors remains quarantined and is only accessible by the one person handling the takedown case.
  5. When processing DMCA Takedowns direct with Parent, Guardian, Police or Lawyer case handlers do not access any links claimed to contain content with minors.
  6. does not receive, email or ground, any content containing minors.
  7. does not send by, email or ground, any content containing minors as a process of filing takedowns on behalf of a client.
  8. All web links to content which may or may not contain minors are reported to the authorities having interest and authority with regards to that content - please see the reporting list on's website.
  9. All web links to content, which may or may not contain minors is deleted from the quarantined server from which the takedown case was created and issued. No record of the infringing web links is kept in any form once the case has been completed.


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