Unavailable Status Website Certificates are:

  1. "orphaned" or
  2. NEW - recently added, unprocessed website certificates.
The "Unavailable" status website certificate occurs because DMCA.com tracking services and process cannot or have not already connected with the DMCA.com Protection Badge code added to a webpage.
This is an intentional alert status and is designed to protect the badge owner from:
  1. someone wrongly hosting their Protection Badge on an unauthorized website.
  2. another party falsely using their badge and website certificate page as a standalone website link.
  3. incorrectly adding the DMCA.com Protection Badge to their website.
You will often see this when the Website Protection Status page is accessed from an alternate page or as a standalone Protection Status certificate link.

If this is on your websiteThe fix is to ensure the Protection Badge is correctly installed on your website. To do this please make certain to follow the steps outlined here:
How do I add a DMCA Protection Badge to my Website

The DMCA.com Protection Badge Security crawler must be able to do the following or the certificate will remain "Unavailable":

  1. access the page
  2. parse the source code of that page
  3. locate a badge on the page

page error is the same issue as listed above.

A tool like this web-sniffer.net/ can be used to test whether or not our crawler will be able to locate the badge.
  1. place a webpage URL where the badge HTML has been added (or should be added) into the web-sniffer.net/ utility
  2. click submit, you should then see a bunch of html code appear at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you click 'ctrl=f' and enter search term "dmca" then you should find our badge in that html code. If you can't find find it there, our crawlers probably can't either.

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: Click here to get a Verified Website Certificate

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