"Non-Verified" Status Website Certificates belong to FREE Protection Pro website certificate clients.. By offering a free Protection Pro service program it allows users everywhere to experience the DMCA.com service for no charge. While experiencing the FREE program website users will have "non-verified" website protection certificate status. You can learn more about our free program here: Protection Pro Service features


DMCA.com can only provide verified status Website Protection Certificates to paid Protection Pro clients.


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How Long Does It Take to Get My DMCA.com Website Certificate "Verified"?

"Verified" status occurs within 24 hours on a paid upgrade to the Protection Pro service. Often the status change occurs much faster. Complete site page protection coverage is also simultaneous. Every page on your site is instantly covered upon verification.

Why Get Your DMCA.com Website Certificate "Verified"?

  1. legitimatizes your ownership of your website Protection Certificate
  2. Upgrades your participation in the internet's most recognized content protection community with all the paid status level Protection Pro Features
  3. Gets you a Protection Pro Account Profile - clickable link for users to know who you are and your position on content protection
  4. increases your statement of ownership of the content on your website. A verified certificate shows website users you are more committed to protecting the content on your website and
  5. demonstrates to users you have a business relationship with DMCA.com which provides you the means to both protect and enforce your content ownership and rights with takedown notices.
  6. Free and special pricing on takedown services

Get "Verified" Instructions:

  1. If you are already a DMCA.com Protection Badge user then click here to login
  2. once logged in click here to Get Verified Website Certificate
Note:Your email address must match your PayPal address. Make certain your contact email address, for your DMCA.com account is the same as your PayPal account email address. The two email addresses must be the same . DMCA.com uses Paypal to validate who you are and your account information.

  1. click here for new Website Protection Badges and Certificates
  2. click here to Get Verified Website Certificate

DMCA.com delivers HTTPS Validated Website Protection Certificates for paying Protection Pro clients. Click Here for HTTPS Details

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