Protection Certificates with "ERROR: HTTPS validation required" belong to unpaid Protection Pro subscribers. can only validate HTTPS webpages with Verified Website Protection Certificates of paying Protection Pro clients.

Upgrade Here to Remove HTTPS Validation Error

"Verified" status occurs on HTTPS Validated webpages within 24 hours on a paid upgrade to Protection Pro.

HTTPS Validation Instructions:

  1. Follow the same steps needed to get "Verified"
  2. If you are already a Protection Badge user then click here to login
  3. once logged in click here to Get HTTPS Validation on your "Verified" Website Certificate
Note:Your email address must match your PayPal address. Make certain your contact email address, for your account is the same as your PayPal account email address. The two email addresses must be the same . uses Paypal to validate who you are and your account information.

  1. click here for new Website Protection Badges and Certificates
  2. click here to Get Verified Website Certificate

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: Click here to HTTPS Validation
Modified: 01/15/2019
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