If someone has copied your entire website and is hosting it somewhere else DMCA.com can help.

Go to: www.dmca.com/takedown/signup and complete the form
Simply submit the name / URL HTTP link location of where you found your copied site and we can go to work on your behalf.

There has been a rapid increase of popular websites being copied verbatim and re-hosted elsewhere to capitalize on Google search engine traffic. DMCA.com has helped many clients where this has happened. Often the first signs that this has occurred is a drop on google page ranking. Where your website may have dropped from page 1 to 2 or 22. Register now and we can help

Some examples of stolen content that we work with everyday are:

  • Pictures - either of you or taken by you
  • Videos - of you or taken by you
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Applications
  • Programs
  • Profiles or Bio's - personal or corporate
  • etc

If one of these examples is like your situation we can probably help.

  1. go to: www.dmca.com/takedown/signup and complete the form
  2. check the appropriate box on the DMCA form to "swear" the content is yours

You can also submit a question regarding your takedown or case here: www.dmca.com/questions

Start Your Takedown here: www.dmca.com/takedown/signup

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