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Stake your claim on your content. Let people know you own it. protects 386 million bits of original content for its users every single day.

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Custom Logo Add logos to all protected items -
Custom creator profile A public list that shows all the items a creator/owner has in DMCA system -
Digital Ink Signature Sign with your mobile, tablet, finger, mouse, touchpad etc. -
Add Items Items add to content registry. Get your content registered in a globally recognized 3rd party system.
Max items Unlimited number of items can add to content registry. Over 400 million assets already under protection Unlimited Unlimited
Dashboard In DMCA dashboard takedowns, monitoring, lookups etc are much easier and more convenient
QR Code grants your content a QR code to be used for public identification purposes, QR code link back to your profile(s)
Site Profile Others can view the ownership / profile information of claimed owner
Shorty URL Permanent, shortened hyperlink to content status page
Site Alerts Tracking and change info preserved and made public
Encrypted fingerprint grants your content an id and a badge and QR code to be used for public identification purposes, all these links and ids link back to your profile(s)
Account Verification Account verified means has a billing relationship in place. Extra verification levels are detailed where available. Level 1 Level 2
DIY DMCA Takedowns offers a complete online toolkit for you to create, research and conduct your own takedowns. Complete with: an easy to use takedown case management system, website detective, auto-generating takedown form, and a download option so you can email the takedown request -
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DIY templates (US, EU, India) Includes the following DIY DMCA Templates (US, EU, INDIA) -
Right click blocking Disable right click on web pages -
Copy scanner -
Monitoring Keep an eye on your digital content with's Monitoring Services -
10 items/month
Image lookup Image monitoring is the ability to scan daily, weekly, monthly for one or more images of your choice. You simply upload 1 or more photos and we monitor them as often as you like. Image monitoring uses 5 scan credits (more expensive than text). A scan credit is 1 scan per month. So to monitor 1 image every week would be 5 scan credits per week. Need more? you can easily upgrade from your dashboard. Volume discounts apply -
10 items/month
Content ownership
verification Tracking and change info preserved and made public. Others can view the ownership / profile information of claimed owner

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