Takedown Services provided to Attorneys

ISP / Hosting Company Identification

DMCA.com has the tools and resources to find Internet Service Providers or Hosting companies that have your clients' copyright content. Using the DMCA Takedown Case system you can simply enter the URL of a website with the infringing content and our DMCA professionals can get to work on your behalf.

Once we locate the host we can either proceed with the takedown and/or advise you as to the Takedown particulars regarding the particular host. Most hosting companies are in the DMCA.com database and we have experience conducting the DMCA takedown process with them. It is this experience which is invaluable to you as your client's attorney.

Takedown of Copyright Infringements at Home ‐
At a fraction of your regular costs

DMCA.com's core service is takedowns. We know most of the ISPs and content hosting companies across the planet. If you need a copyright violation taken down we have the knowhow, experience and contacts to make it happen. DMCA.com's takedowns are done professionally and quickly. Often we can succeed where others (lawyers included - sometimes especially because you are a lawyer) have failed. In fact most of our business happens because a client has been unable to get a response from an ISP or web hosting company.

Generally it is assumed that all USA based hosting companies follow the US Copyright Act and the DMCA process as laid out in the act - however this is not the case. We know where the trouble hosts are and what to do to get the content down and how long it will take.

Takedown of Copyright Infringements in Foreign Countries

DMCA.com foreign country work represents the bulk of our business. Most of the world's hosting companies are outside the mainland USA and therefore needs a different approach than companies in the USA. Here again it is assumed that Copyright procedures used are relevant to the law of the country the Host is located in. Often this is not the case.

DMCA.com has the experience and the contacts to get your clients' content removed. Often we can get this done faster and cheaper than it would cost you to find the ISP, write a letter and courier it to the company which, ironically, in most cases won't result in the removal of the copyright infringed content.

Secure DMCA Takedown Case Management

The DMCA client portal provides a complete case management tool. Whether you have 1 or 1000 copyright takedown cases the DMCA.com takedown portal provides a secure platform from which to manage them.

DMCA.com works closely with law firms from many countries. Dmca.com is not a law firm. The talent DMCA.com brings to the table is our ability to communicate and work on the internet to ensure takedowns or other copyright efforts happen. Our experience with OSP's / ISP's means there are not that many we haven't been in contact with - All across the planet.

Online Research to Locate Infringing Websites

DMCA.com's team of online experts can assist you or you firm in tracking down websites that contain your client's copyrighted content. This includes text, images, videos and any other piece of copyrighted material.

Why law firms use DMCA.com?

Simple: we save you time and money while increasing your revenues.

If you are conducting copyright enforcement for clients that have found their content (text, pictures, graphics, photos, advertising, product layouts etc.) published without their permission online, DMCA.com is your perfect partner.

We Save You Time

Whether you have 1 takedown or 100, our simple Takedown case creation system takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Plus, because it is so easy to use even your most junior of paralegals can file a (DMCA) Takedown for any website anywhere in the world. And it's all done through our highly secure takedown portal so expect no accidental emails or information leaks.

We Save You Money

DMCA.com rates, both flat rate and hourly are far less than yours. Plus we do not charge any administration costs. Often our costs to process a takedown are less than the costs do it yourself or your paralegal.

When you partner with DMCA.com, you reduced your labour costs! DMCA.com's rate is often less than that of your most junior staff.

We Make You Money

DMCA.com's service provides three different ways for you to increase your billing hours and revenues. Click Here to Find out what they are!.

  • If you invoice your client for takedowns as you normally do, but use DMCA.com's service instead, you will decrease your costs and increase your profit.
  • New revenue lines through extended reach - Often the cost of pursuing copyright infringement into foreign jurisdictions is too onerous and expensive to legitimately pursue the removal of content. Especially since they are rarely successful. This means the cost of the legally pursuing the removal of the content exceeds the value of the content for the client. This can mean less business for you. Using DMCA.com means foreign pursuit of this content takedown is now viable and this ultimately means more business for you.
  • increased efficiency - whether foreign or domestic takedowns the terrestrial effort to process takedowns far exceeds the DMCA.com process. Ultimately it involves several people to conduct the takedown. And if you do any work with takedowns outside your jurisdiction the time and effort can increase exponentially with often dubious returns.

We Increase your Efficiency

DMCA.com offers Intellectual Property and Copyright Attorneys access to a secure, sophisticated Takedown Case Management Portal, where you can create and manage multiple DMCA Takedowns and generate professional DMCA Takedown notices and search, sort and filter Takedown cases.

Ready to start? Don't forget to ask about joining DMCA.com's legal work referral program!