Organizations use research services to

Locate Content Published Online.

Measure Content Proliferation.

Assess Content Takedown logistics.

Reputation Evaluation.

And Much More.

Examples of Research Clients

Who uses research services:

Governments, non-Governmental agencies, non - profits

Law Firms and Corporate General Counsel

Content owners, marketers, distributors, rights holders and creators

Financial Groups including M&A, VC and general investor groups

Boards of Directors, C - Suites


Examples of content researched

  1. Corporate Image

  2. Trademark

  3. Branding

  4. Marketing and Advertising

  5. General content including video, graphics, code, images, profiles and service text

Research Deliverables research provides clients with a highly detailed and comprehensive profile of their content. Such as:

  1. where specifically content is located - geographically and by domain

  2. how much content is online

  3. what specific content is online (including variations)

  4. who and what network is hosting the content

Our Process

Our process starts and ends with's highly qualified professionals:


Machines and Software



Our managed services team will work with our clients to get the exact specifications of the research requirements.

The research team compiles and formats the project information to make "machine ready" for processing.

Once completed the compiled information is then added to the technology platform DARSMAP, which takes over and begins the work of massive data searching, indexing, compiling and filtering. In some situations additional AI layering is added to the process to enhance overall results.

Variables such as title count, content type, research area, results required etc. all play a role in how each research project proceeds.

The entire process is multi-phased there is often a lot of back and forth between human and machine to ensure the most accurate results. The effort of eliminating false positives equally important in getting accurate true results for example.

Our workflow believes both people and machines are needed to be successful in locating content online. Our process starts and ends with people, with the machines employed in the middle to process the massive data searching, indexing, compiling and filtering.

Direct API connection's search service platform is directly connected through API to the search engine. This provides the ability to add the substantial amounts of search terms and references attached to the content profile to be simultaneously searched.

No user profile conditions

Everyone that uses search engines as a single user often experience search results specific to their user profile or geography. search platform allows search without profiles.

Global Search referencing

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is spread across the planet in over 34 countries (and growing) this vast network is used to provide the Protection Badge which our client's place on their websites and other content. This very large CDN provides our search program the ability to access the prebuilt content profile searches from multiple geographic locations suitable or matching the content profile.


The search program provides search results in scaling real time display that allows the reader to process, organize, review and verify vast search results. This is not available to the single user search engine experience. Especially not when considering the significant amount of content input required when searching a full content profile with a completed factors list

Results Rating provides a rating system on the results based on the accuracy when compared to the content profile and profile factors. This rating scale increases the time required to verify the results by a human

Multiple search engine comparison

Search results found on one search engine can be compared to results found on another. This cross platform comparison provides increased veracity of the results.

Machine Learning or AI

Once search results are returned by the search program the user is able to approve or reject website listings found that are specific to the content profile and profile factors. This process improves further real time searching and use of search engines to provide better results

Verification and Optimization for takedown processing

Search results are easily scanned and reviewed to verify their accuracy as infringing content. Single click of the verified results are then selected to be processed for takedown. Index maintains a proprietary index of websites which is accessed directly through the search platform.

The standard process for commencing (and quoting) research work of this nature is to first know all the title(s) of (all) the content that has been infringed or subject to research.While this may appear to be obvious statement is often more complex than the term and exercise suggests. The speed at which content is disseminated on the internet has been widely described as incredible. Compounding the speed of the dissemination of the content is the simultaneously morphing or changes (like a virus) of elements of the content. Specifically, it is often the title or content description that changes. Particularly content that is part of a community or “fan base” Often this kind of content will be specifically named in terms understood or related (often only) to the fan base.Click here for Content Checklist specifics: Professional Research and monitoring services content checklist

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Our technology is a technology company. Its founders and management are all technology people. It is's technology that help set it apart from all other players in the space.

The core technology used with all research projects is called DARSMAP. This technology platform was designed and built by specifically to find content on the internet.

DARSMAP is the combination of several technologies that make it a very powerful service platform.

It combines the search algorithms of the internet's largest search engines along with the reach and significant network capacity of DMCA'com's own global content distribution network.

A CDN designed to process and index 100's of millions of Protection Pro badges and status pages every single day.

All of the critical elements of identifying, locating and tracking content online has been built into DARSMAP.

Included within the performance technology DARSMAP is also special because:

  • smart indexing - elimination of false positives and machine learning effect of allowed positives.
  • built for humans - designed to allow human interaction to improve machine results
  • AI ready - DARSMAP provides the easy application of AI in order to enhance results
  • Comprehensive service platform - DARSMAP is not a standalone technology - it is connected to all of's other service tools and offerings. For example, clients can take DARSMAP results and apply them directly to the takedown service platform - with one click.


Once all the research heavy lifting has been completed our research team reviews and compiles the information into a "ready to present" report suitable for your organization and objectives. These reports are presented at the highest level of decision makers and are designed to impress in their veracity and thoroughness. research reports have been presented to:

Governments, governmental agencies etc.

C-Suites, boards or executive groups

Law Firm or Corporate Legal counsel offices


Case studies

We do not publish real names or photos of our clients - see privacy policy


We recently had the unfortunate situation whereby our website was copied by an overseas business.

The offending companies blatant copying of text and theft of images was not only a breach of copyright but was also having a negative impact on our SEO campaign and in turn our ranking within the search engines.

Not knowing what to do or how to resolve the situation we found and after having lodged and paid for a 'Commercial Takedown' they acted immediately and within approx. 7 days they had the offending site taken offline.

The entire process was very smooth and their communication was excellent. Hassle free service, great communication and they did what they promised.

Money well spent...! Thanks again Regards

"The entire process was very smooth and their communication was excellent"

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