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Protected Item QR: (a private company) operates a free for public and commercial use content registry. Restrictions apply.

This asset has been validated to various degrees (depending on user, plan, documentation, court filings etc., see below for item specific details)

Asset Protection Details

This asset :

Protection Level 1

Added to database

Account verified

Domain Ownership VerifiedDomain Ownership Not Verified. Validate with google webmaster tools or Click here to start verification process

What does protected by mean?

  • Its added to content registry
  • grants your content an id and a badge and QR code to be used for public identification purposes, all these links and ids link back to your profile(s)
  • Content status page
  • Tracking and change info preserved and public
  • Others can view the ownership / profile information of claimed owner
  • A badge and QR code to be used for public identification purposes, all these links and ids link back to your profile
  • Subject to public claims and dispute mechanisms
  • Account Verified means has a billing address on file
  • Domain Ownership Verified means has confirmed the DNS / page is controlled by given name
  • Extra validation levels are detailed where presented see below for more
  • It's subject to various monitoring and tracking based on what sort of plan the user has chosen
  • Various degrees of deterrent

why should I "protect" my content with

  • Get your content registered in a globally recognized 3rd party system / db
  • DMCA dashboard
  • Access a dmca toolkit
  • Once in our system takedowns, monitoring, lookups etc are much easier and more convenient
  • Over 400 million assets already under protection

Extra validation can include but are not limited to:

  • Digitally signed
  • Legal paperwork submitted
  • Personal identity verified
  • DUNS Business ownership verified
  • Legal ownership documentation provided
  • Judges orders provided
  • legal team statement of ownership
  • Notarized Claim provided
  • Government certificate provided
  • Copyright registration provided
  • Trademark registration provided
  • Creative Commons license assigned
  • Affidavit provided assigned


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