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Compliance Badge

There is only one Compliance Badge on the internet today. Free with any compliance this badge instantly tells users to your website how you will process copyright notices. It is a powerful and clear statement where you stand. Recognized everywhere on the internet it makes your whole Takedown Compliance statement process incredibly easy.

Getting your own badge is very simple:

  1. complete the sign up form
  2. login and grab your compliance badge code and
  3. add the code to your website.

Compliance Page

Most often used as a direct link from the compliance badge the compliance statement takes all of the guess work out copyright notices. Clearly laid out, written in plain language, simple to read, simple to understand. The Compliance statement gives your website users very clear instruction on how you intend to process copyright notices.

  1. complete the sign up form
  2. login and grab your compliance badge code and
  3. add the Compliance Badge code to your website - or you can simply add the link to your very own website statement page.

Takedown Integration

Are you overwhelmed with

Why the DMCA Compliant Program?

  • No more reading dmca@ emails
  • Easy Takedown case submit form for your website users
  • DMCA .com facilitates the takedown cases with your users
  • Fully functioning easy-to-use Takedown case management portal
  • Takedown case request scoring and rating system
  • Complete integration options: CRM API, REST, SOAP, JavaScript
  • Unlimited Takedown case capacity
  • Free to test at No cost to get started
  • Free Advertising (optional) on's Compliant ISP's list

Who uses DMCA Compliant Service?

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Online Service Providers (OSPs)
  • Web Hosting Companies
  • Dating Sites
  • Webmasters and 3rd party Content Website Owners
  • Social Media Websites who Host 3rd Party Content

Why use the DMCA Compliant Service?

As an ISP, or webmaster your core business is NOT handling DMCA Takedown request cases. You have enough on your business plate before investing time, money and personnel to handle DMCA Takedown requests. Especially when all your cases are submitted through Email Takedown submissions mean you have to read every one to determine their validity or accuracy. Of course most of the emails you receive do not follow the Takedown process as stated your policy page.

The DMCA Compliant service increases your efficency it saves you time and money. This service almost eliminates false, invalid or ambiguous DMCA Takedown requests by ensuring users complete the form according to your policy. The service form ensures you are ONLY notified when a valid Takedown application has been made.

Further the DMCA .comCompliant program goes a long way to inform copyright owners and ISP's that you follow an approved process, require certain information upfront and have an accessible DMCA Policy. DMCA .com Compliant members meet all DMCA .com requirements and take advantage of a DMCA .com Compliant badge to publicly display their approved status.

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Advantages of Becoming DMCA Compliant

Becoming DMCA .com Compliant ensures that:

  • Less invalid Takedown requests are filed when the DMCA Compliant badge is displayed.
  • Certificate of Policy verification linked to from your DMCA Compliant badge.
  • DMCA Takedown notices filed by individuals will have a better chance of adhering to your company's DMCA policy.
  • Visitors, clients and designated agents will know your company follows strict rules when handling Takedown requests.

Become DMCA Compliant and start getting only the DMCA Takedown notices that adhere to your DMCA policy.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"As a streaming service provider that hosts and delivers millions of videos every single day, we need to make sure we handle DMCA Takedown requests fast and efficiently. The biggest challenge is handling DMCA Takedowns in a profession manner while not spending hundreds of extra hours. With a clear issue being many individuals do not file informative and accurate claims that follow our policy. Switching to DMCA Compliant form solves this problem. It is easy to use and the Takedown requests clear. Incomplete abuse or takedown claims are virtually eliminated. So not only are the number of illegitimate Takedown requests decreased but the requests that are sent take far less time because they include all the appropriate details. I Love it! and I know our network people think it is a huge plus" ( -

"Early this year we were so overwhelmed with the amount of DMCA claims being sent to us that we had to hire a full-time employee Network Tech to work on them. His fulltime job was to read all DMCA emails, examine the validity of each claim and handle phone calls and the back and forth with victims or alleged victims of copyright infringement and so on. Then we installed the DMCA Compliant badge and form on our ‘Abuse’ page. After only one month our new tech was able to cut his DMCA takedown work in half." (- Andrew Fox, California, USA)

Common Questions | Click Here to Ask Us a Question >

  • How can I become DMCA Compliant?

    Simply register and submit all the required information - including a valid DMCA Policy, contact information, and Counter Claim information. After your application is reviewed and approved you can add the DMCA Compliant Badge and form to your website.
  • How much does it cost to become DMCA Compliant?

    There is no cost to becoming DMCA Compliant. However should you need website work, submit form customization, add-ons etc there may be additional charges for your particular set up.
  • What requirements must a provider meet in order to become DMCA Compliant?

    Copyright Infringement or DMCA Policy specific to your company and subsequent counter claim information.

    Service providers who apply to become DMCA Compliant must show and keep a valid DMCA Policy. In addition, they are required to present valid contact information including a phone number, email address and contact address of the individual or department that will handle DMCA Takedown claims. Additional requirements are available to service providers who sign-up and begin the verification process.
  • How do you make sure a DMCA Compliant badge is authentic?

    DMCA Compliant Badges are intended to be used by valid ISPs / OSPs that signed-up for the Compliance service. Sharing or re-production of DMCA Compliant badges is strictly prohibited. authentication system constantly monitors and detects both the validity of a DMCA Compliant badge and its paid-use.