's website level Protection Pro service accomplishes the entry level portion of content protection and enforcement. However a number of our clients often require the additional help of the Professional Services team. Our clients are content owners, creators, developers, distributors or sellers. They range from movie distribution companies, advertisers, personalities, entertainers, bands, gaming production houses, etc. Whether their business is music, video, graphics, pictures or games, we know how to look for it, where to find it and how to get it down!. Our highly experienced Professional services team know all the websites, domains, ISP's and OSP's that perpetrate the largest amount of content theft on the internet.

Part of's Professional Services program is to monitor and report on the theft (infringement) and security of our client's (copyright) content on a predetermined timeline. has a retainer and "pay as you go" program for these professional services.

Monitoring services

All monitoring is conducted using client supplied specific content.

  1. client content is monitored for theft (infringement) and security on a predetermined interval. This interval is usually monthly but often shorter times are employed for live or short term events. There are two monitoring services offered:
    1. one time or irregular intervals - generally for concerts, film releases, sporting events - especially events that will be broadcast online
    2. continuous or regular interval - generally for publishers releasing content on a continuous or ongoing bases. This interval is usually monthly
  2. at the end of the interval period will provide a reports on extent of infringement (if there is any)

Monitoring is conducted using both manpower and's massive cloud based indexing and processing network. The combination of the two provides an exceedingly comprehensive view of the state of infringement on client content.

Note: Geo Location and / or Network specific monitoring is a standard request for content owners. Often this relates to a specific launch, broadcast, work or client area that needs a higher level of review.

Please see specific service information here: Research and Monitoring Services checklist

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Interval reports will show the extent of copyright infringement found within the specific client supplied search parameters, during the monitoring interval time. Reports will show:

  1. total number of infringements found by count and list
  2. location of infringements by URL
  3. total number of takedowns
  4. estimated price to conduct total takedowns
  5. network, ISP / OSP and geographic locations as required by client.
Note: These reports may be further customized to meet specific requirements of a board of directors, law firm or marketing agency.


It is important to point out that research is key element of this entire service. management highly recommends to commence this work with a full spectrum research project to determine the extent of any copyright infringement. Without this initial research being completed it is difficult to establish the ideal monthly monitoring and reporting conditions. incorporates a professional research engagement process, under contract with specific terms and conditions clearly laid out. Examples of the research engagement conditions are:

  1. comprehensive list of content - by title, author, owner, code, etc
  2. specific locations of infringements by country, region or network or OSP
  3. range of content - video, pictures, graphics, code, text etc
  4. content publication or copyright dates
  5. infringement dates
  6. advertising and marketing exclusion zones by titles, author, code specifics etc
  7. affiliate or re-seller exclusion zones by titles, author, code specifics etc

All research is conducted using both manpower and's massive cloud based indexing and processing network. The combination of the two provides an exceedingly comprehensive list of infringement on client content.

Please see specific service information here: Research and monitoring services checklist brings a wealth of experience with regards to conducting a thorough research project. Copyright infringement research is highly sophisticated work as theft (infringement) of content is not always blatant and obvious. search results have been submitted in the past for review by Board of Governors, C suites, copyright(s) owners, law firms, financial firms.

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