"Verified" means the Website Certificate belongs to a paid DMCA.com Protection Pro subscriber
  1. DMCA.com has validated the Website Certificate owner's DMCA.com account.
  2. as a paid Protection Pro subscriber, the website owner is eligible for all the protection and enforcement services provided under their DMCA.com Protection Pro account - including the free takedowns of stolen content.

if you want to join and be a part of the internet's most recognized content protection community

upgrade the status of your Website Certificate Click Here to Get Verified.

Once paid your active account starts immediately and the "Verified" Certificate status occurs within 24 hours.

What is the DMCA.com Website Certificate?

The DMCA Protection Certificate shows the webpage it is monitoring and protecting. It clearly identifies a number of key pieces of information for site users and owners to know the webpage is connected to is protected. It also clearly states the content on that page is the property of the site owner or is used under permission of the site owner.

There are three kinds of Protection Certificates:

  1. Verified Protection Certificates have upgraded to Protection Pro service level. AND no outstanding copyright infringement claims against the website have been registered with DMCA.com
  2. An unverified Protection Certificate is DMCA.com's Free certificate for all website owners who register their badge.
  3. unauthorized this is for protection Badges and status pages that are being used to protect copyright content without permission. Or that the site owner has not responded to claims of copyright infringement on the site. Or not responded to a direct Takedown notice, Cease and Desist.

What is the DMCA.com Protection Badge?

DMCA.com Protection Badge is an icon or graphic placed on websites all across the internet as a layer of protection for the contents contained on the website. All must link to a DMCA.com Website Protection Certificate.
There are over 300 versions of the DMCA Protection Badge and many contain the words DMCA and Protection. If you cannot find something that matches your site you can custom create your own badge.

The DMCA Protection Badge is a placed on a site for two reasons:

  1. as a link to the website's content ownership statement certificate
  2. to add a Certificate to every single on of your website pages

Why should I add a DMCA.com Protection Badge and Certificate to my website?

Getting a DMCA.com Protection Pro Badge and Webpage Certificate gets you:

  1. Access to the complete Do It Yourself Protection Pro case management system
  2. Upgrades your participation in the internet's most recognized content protection community
  3. Gets you a Protection Pro Account Profile - clickable link for users to know who you are and your position on content protection
  4. increases your statement of ownership of the content on your website. A verified certificate shows website users you are more committed to protecting the content on your website and
  5. demonstrates to users you have a business relationship with DMCA.com which provides you the means to both protect and enforce your content ownership and rights.

DMCA.com delivers HTTPS Validated Website Protection Certificates for paying Protection Pro clients. Click Here for HTTPS Details

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