What is it?

DMCA.com's Mediated Takedown Process is an alternative to the standard DMCA Takedown Process currently being used between content owners (claimants), website owners (defendants) and Hosting companies.

It is also a replacement to the standard Cease and Desist action currently being used with website owners and hosting companies outside of the USA.

The Mediated Takedown provides a non confrontational process where DMCA.com acts as an intermediary between content owners and website owners and hosting companies. All in an effort to get content taken down. It is a way to sidestep delays and cross jurisdictional confusion all together. Using the Mediated settlement is an effort to expedite the process, remove the adversarial construct, while meeting the needs of all parties involved in the takedown equation.

It's a win win win program for everyone. Content owners, website owners and hosting companies.

Start Your Mediated Takedown here: Website Takedown Form
Modified: 02/04/2019
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