To Delete or Reprocess your website pages you must be a paid Protection Pro subscriber.

Once paid you can use the buttons on your Protection Certificate and your Protected pages list.

To get started:
  1. log into the DMCA User Protection Portal
  2. upgrade to paid Protection Pro Subscriber - click here to pay

Join the internet's most recognized content protection community.

  1. To Get your Website Certificate: click here: DMCA Website Certificate
  2. To Get Badges click here: DMCA Protection Badges
  3. To login: If you are already a Protection Pro subscriber you can click here to login
  4. To get the Protection Pro list of features click here: Protection Pro Features
  5. To learn more about Reprocessing protected pages click here: - Reprocessing Pages Knowledge base FAQ

Upgrade to Protection Pro! Click here: To use Reprocessing and Delete

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