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Who uses Brand Protection services:

Businesses large and small

Public and Private Corporations

We work with not for profits

Non Profit Organizations

We work with government agencies


NGO's rely on


VIP and Celebrity clients rely on


Corporate clients

Boards or executive groups

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Law Firm or Corporate Legal counsel offices already has over 450 million assets under management

Protection's Protection Services range from simple website protection and support through to a comprehensive customized to fit enterprise solution. protects platform content

Often organizations need to locate content which has been stolen and republished online without their permission. has global reach

Organizations need to locate content which is being hosted in difficult jurisdictions. legal reports

Corporate Boards or management groups require a formal report regarding the level of proliferation of content online.

Lawfirms or Corporate legal counsel requiring professional technical internet services to support for their legal work.

Executives looking to track and actively monitor their reputation online. Remove unwanted hosted content that may be damaging to their work, reputation or company.

These and a host of other specialized services are all provided through's Managed Services division.


Commercial takedown services are a fundamental part's business. It is a core competency.The range of services for commercial takedowns are as varied as the companies that require our services.

See complete information on our takedown page

More information

Research provides a professional research services under engagement. A complete guide to our research services are presented here: Research page. White paper is available upon request and registration here mailto:

Who uses research services:


Non governmental agencies

Law Firms and Corporate General Counsel

Content owners, marketers, distributors, rights holders and creators

Financial Groups including M&A, VC and general investor groups

Boards of Directors

C - Suites



Our process starts and ends with's highly qualified professionals:

  1. People

  2. Machines and Software

  3. People

Our managed services team will work with you get the exact specifications of your research requirements. The research team then compiles and formats the research information to make "machine ready" for processing. The technology platform DARSMAP takes over and begins the work of massive data searching, indexing, compiling and filtering. In some situations additional AI layering is added to the process to enhance overall results.Once completed our research team reviews and compiles the information into a "ready to present" report suitable for your organization and objectives.


The technology used with all’s research projects is also the core technology platform that makes up’s Monitoring service.Called DARSMAP this technology platform, designed and built by, combines the power of the largest search engines on the internet along with DMCA'com's own global CDN and indexing platform.

RESEARCH DELIVERABLES research provides with a highly detailed and comprehensive profile of your content.

  • where specifically your content is located

  • how much of your content is online

  • what specific content is online (including variations)

  • who is hosting your content

  • quote to process further whether it is removal or monitoring

Monitoring provides both DIY and professionally managed monitoring services under engagement. A complete guide to our monitoring services are presented here: Monitoring page

WHAT IS MONITORING's Monitoring services are used to regularly track content online.

All Professionally managed monitoring services are conducted using client supplied specific content.


  1. Artists

  2. Content owners, marketers, distributors, rights holders and creators

  3. People concerned about reputation management

  4. C - Suites

  5. VIP's

Client content is monitored for theft (infringement) and security on a predetermined interval. This interval is usually monthly but often shorter times are employed for live or short term events. There are two monitoring services offered:

  1. one time or irregular intervals - generally for concerts, film releases, sporting events - especially events that will be broadcast online

  2. continuous or regular interval - generally for publishers releasing content on a continuous or ongoing bases. This interval is usually monthly-

At the end of the interval period will provide a reports on extent of infringement (if there is any).

Monitoring services are provided by's massive cloud based indexing and processing network technology HUB called DARSMAP (see Our Technology section).

Geo Location and / or Network specific monitoring is a standard request for content owners. Often this relates to a specific launch, broadcast, work or client area that needs a higher level of review.

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Both the Managed services [Research] and [Monitoring] come with a reporting feature to provide information on results. However reporting services are also used by a wide variety of parties for a wide variety of reasons.

Who uses Reporting services:

  • Public and Private Corporations

  • Non Profit Organizations

  • Governments

  • NGO's

  • VIP's

  • Boards or executive groups

  • Law Firm or Corporate Legal counsel offices

Reporting Requirements are often varied:

  • based on 1 title of content

  • based on an album of content consisting of several titles

  • all content created by a particular author or artists

  • all content produced by a specific entity

  • all content with specific name, title, artist contained within the content

  • mentions or references of all of the above

  • social media research on trends or established parameters etc.

Reporting frequency will vary based on content and client requirements:

  • one time reports based on content evaluation at a given time

  • ongoing at predetermined time interval (such as month to month) reporting to provide ongoing status of content proliferation or infringement

Click here(need link) for Content Checklist specifics: Professional Research and monitoring services content checklist

Technical Support for Lawyers

The Managed Service teams are internet experts not legal experts. We are a perfect fit for any lawyer or law group that require internet service support.Whether in house counsel or a private firm provides internet processing services that fully compliment any lawyer providing cyber services.

Takedown notices

Research for creating C&D notices online

Hosting service location

Website owner contact information


If you or your firm conduct services related to content online infringing or not's expert, qualified team is great to have in your corner. See our Lawyers page here

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