What if I have multiple DMCA Takedowns?

Over 75% of all client takedowns are multiple takedowns. It is not uncommon for one client to require several hundred takedowns. Either the same title stolen and republished many times over or several titles copied and hosted elsewhere without permission. Once you submit a complete list, we can provide excellent pricing prior to commencing work.

DMCA.com has two Enterprise Takedown services. Each of DMCA.com's takedown services can provide an unlimited number of takedowns and both have special Enterprise pricing for multiple Takedowns.

  1. DMCA.com's Professional Takedown services. We do all the work for you; all you need to do is fill out our simple Takedown form. It takes less than 3 minutes. In order to get the best pricing please make certain to provide a complete list of all infringing URL's. Click here to get started: Takedown Form
  2. DMCA.com's Do it Yourself (DIY) Takedown Service. We provide all the tools the professionals use and you spend the time researching and processing the Takedown Application. Go here to sign up: Protection Pro



DMCA Fast Tip

Both Takedown actions occur using stipulations laid out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DMCA Takedown is delivered because the infringing website is publishing content which is in violation of copyright protection act or being used without permission, according to the sworn statement of the content owner.


What do I need to provide to do multiple DMCA Takedowns?

To get started, here's what you will need:

1. Infringing URLs - links that you want removed

Infringing URL

These questions will help you provide the needed information: What is the link that you want your stolen content removed from? Where on the internet (or platform like YouTube or Pinterest) is your stolen content located? Make certain you provide the URL or website/webpage link of the content you want removed. If the stolen content is an image or video located on a website provide the direct link of the content contained in the site. Copy and paste the infringing text, or provide the URL of the infringing image if required.

An example link would look like: https://www.badguy_site.com/webpage/image_2

Source URL

2. Source URLs - links from which the content was stolen

Answering these questions will help: Where was your original content located when it was stolen? Was it on you social media profile or was it from your own website? Provide the exact URL where it was stolen from, even if the content has already been removed from it's original location. The original URL is still valuable to the notice. If it was not online you can reference cell phone, computer, or camera etc. If it was online such as a website or cloud storage provide the link to the exact page it was stolen from. You can upload the original content to a cloud storage service and provide that URL with an expalanation of where it was originally stolen from.

An example link would look like: https://share.icloud.com/photos/my_original_content

3. Description of Ownership - describe what happened

Description of Ownership

Answer these questions to describe the situation: How is this content yours? How do you own it? What is the content owner's name and how was the content stolen? Did you create it, buy it, copyright it? Who is claiming ownership of the content? Who is authorized to file the DMCA Takedown? When did you create the content and when was the content stolen?

An example description would sound like: "My photo I took of myself on my camera was stolen from my Google Drive and was posted on this website without my knowledge and I would like it removed."

If you are unsure how to collect the information for these three categories the Professional Takedown Team at DMCA.com can help with the answers. Click here to ask us about your situation.


Who usually does DMCA Takedowns?

  1. content creators/owners
  2. copyright owners
  3. content publishers or distributors (with permission of the content or copyright owners)
  4. NFT owners
  5. code writers and publishers
  6. social media users and participants
  7. subject contained within the content and published without permission (special considerations may be required)

If the list above does not appear to describe your situation by all means ask. Click here to Ask us about your situation



DMCA Takedown Testimonial

It’s a painful and sad to see scrapers stealing the content you worked so hard for and claiming it to be their own creation; this hurts. I used DMCA takedowns to remove my stolen content, it always worked like a charm; the takedowns were quick and hassle free; minimum paperwork and correspondence I would recommend DMCA Protection to all my friends and well wishers. -Neel N


What types of websites will process DMCA Takedowns?

Infringing content is removed from many different websites and platforms. Here is an example list where content is removed online:

  1. from a UCG (User Generated Content) Platform (like Instagram and TikTok), upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice sent by or on behalf of the infringed content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
  2. by the website owner, upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice from the website owner's ISP / Hosting company. This would occur when ISP / Hosting company receives a notice sent by or on behalf of the content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
  3. by the website owner upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice from the, or on behalf of, the content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
  4. by the by the ISP or Hosting company of the website that is publishing the infringing content. This occurs because the website owner has not voluntarily complied with a DMCA Notice and the ISP or Hosting company must comply with the Takedown notice.
  5. when an infringing website is taken down or taken "offline" by it's ISP or Hosting company. This occurs because the website owner does not voluntarily comply with a Takedown notice as described above.


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