Generally it takes 24 hours for your webpage to be listed as "Protected" under the Protected Pages list in the DMCA Protection Portal

Want it faster? Upgrade to Protection Pro

If you have just placed the DMCA Protection Badge on your website and want to see your pages listed under the "Protected" list, here is some general information about the process:

  1. Placing the Protection Badge on your webpage triggers the crawling / indexing systems to come check your page as it is requested (the badge is clicked). However, most new web browsers cache the badge and so it may not be actually requesting the badge from each page that you visit as your browser is likely caching our protection badge, therefore not queuing the page for for crawling/indexing. click ctrl + F5
  2. Indexing of Unverified or NON Protection Pro pages generally takes 24 hours. In some cases Unverified pages may take up to 48 hours.
  3. Indexing of Verified Protection Pro pages generally takes less than 2 hours. In some cases depending on page volumes it may be longer. If after 24 hours your Verified pages are still not indexed in your protected pages list please contact DMCA Support through your case system.

What if after the appropriate indexing time I still cannot see any Protected Pages in my list?

  1. Try clicking the badge yourself to trigger the indexing service.
  2. make certain the protection badge HTML code on your website / webpage is the exact same HTML code on the badge version located on the badges list when you are logged into the DMCA Protection Portal. They must match.
  3. Only copy the badge version you want for your website when you are logged into the Portal. Once logged in all the badge codes are updated to match your account.
  4. make sure your protection badge HTML code is in the source code of your website. If you cannot view the badge code when previewing the source code of your webpage your webpage will not be indexed.
  5. the badge HTML code must be part of the URL webpage source code for it to be listed on your Protected Pages list.
  6. If you find a page on your website that isn't listed in your Protection Pages tab - push ctrl+f5 to force a full page reload. This should cause your pages to get queued and processed. Normally this process happens automatically as people visit your pages.

If you want you website pages to be indexed and listed faster upgrade to Protection Pro. Not only will you get Reprocessing control but your webpages will show up on the Protected Pages list instantly after the Protection Badge is placed on your site page.

Modified: 07/21/2020
Category: Frequently Asked Question
By: Mr. DMCA Helper
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