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Facebook Photo Protection (public beta)

Check your email after registering to login.


Protect your Facebook Photos

  • Step 1: Simply register above to start using Facebook WaterMarker. It's FREE.
  • Step 2: check your email for login password.
  • Step 3: Go to the DMCA Facebook Protection Login and follow the simple set up instructions.

Why use Facebook WaterMarker?

Everyday conducts Takedowns for social media users who find their personal pictures on personal "exposure" websites intended to embarrass or harass. Often the source of these personal pictures are online social media profiles. developers and takedown professionals got together to help users of the largest social media platform in the world reduce the theft of their content.

  • Stop "Copy and Paste" thieves deter thieves from stealing your personal pictures. While it is virtually impossible to prevent theft of content within the social media space, decreasing the chances your personal photos gets published on the internet where you don't want it to be, is a good thing.
  • Facebook Photo Watermarker is one of those preventative actions you can take to increase your protection and decrease your chances of being an online victim of picture re-publication.
  • If thieves do steal your pictures and publish them without your permission, it's far easier and faster to get them removed if they have been watermarked.
  • Fun factor Although content protection and security is a serious issue remembered to include a fun component to this service. With the facebook WaterMarker you can also personalize your pictures for friends with your custom watermark
  • Upgrade to Pro version and add your own custom logo

Companies and Organizations on facebook

Many businesses are now using social media - in particular facebook - to reach out, stay in touch and connect with their clients or consumers. Everyday takedown professionals are helping companies or organizations get photos or marketing collateral removed from online locations they were never intended to be published on. Much of this content has come from social media profiles.

Other groups, organizations or small businesses have replaced the conventional website with a social media page. They now reach their users, clients, customers exclusively through social media. Communicating, marketing and advertising their content without protection can leave these groups exposed to content / copyright infringement with unintended purposes. The Facebook Protection goes a long way to increase their security in doing business within social media.

  • Watermark your sales, marketing or advertising collateral with your corporate logo and name.
  • Watermark your event, function, convention, tradeshow photos with your corporate logo and name. Protecting them from being used by the competition or another group.
  • Watermark one or one thousand of your online product photos with your corporate logo and name - with one click. Prevents competition selling your product to unsuspecting consumers. Often thieves will steal your product photos and make them their on their websites dupping unsuspecting consumers selling your product also offers a Professional Watermarker service as part of the Protection Pro service. This watermarker service is for standard websites requiring content protection

How Does it Work?

  • Once logged in and with your permission, connects to your Facebook account to reference your list of photo albums.
  • You choose which albums you want WaterMarked by selecting "WaterMark this Album"
  • creates a cloned photo album. Your original photos remain untouched - Your original album remains completely intact.
  • You then enter your Copyright/WaterMark text. Generally this is your name, your company or business name or some other differentiating text.
    Click "Submit" and watermarks all the photos within your new Album.
    On the upgraded Protection Pro watermaker version you can upload your logo, choose where your logo appears, select the opacity of your watermark and many other features
  • In your facebook setting you now select the photos from your new watermarked folder as the album to share with friends.
  • Change the privacy (display) settings of the unwatermaked photo albums so only the groups or "friends" you trust can view them - or so no one can view them or you can delete / download them all together from your facebook account.
Start Protecting your Facebook Photos with the facebook WaterMarker!

Protection Pro™ Version Examples

» Use your logo to WaterMark your Facebook albums, e.g:

Use Facebook WaterMarker to protect your facebook photos

» Choose where on your images to place your logo, e.g:

Use Facebook WaterMarker to protect your facebook photos

Free Version Example

» Protect thousands of images with your copyright info:

Use Facebook WaterMarker to protect your facebook photos