has partnered with various companies and websites to offer content owners essential add-on services and special offers related to DMCA Takedowns and Content Protection. These partnerships strengthen our client's ability to keep original work safe while battling online copyright infringement.

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OpenDrive, which started as a virtual drive during past two years became a multiplatform solution for online storage and online backup.

OpenDrive’s strategy is not only to be a storage, backup and syncing software, but also a centralized solution with integration storage, apps and services such as tasks, social networks, project management within single interface to create uniform experience accessible from anywhere.

Beyond the unique services like selling files, advertising files, a file search engine, direct hotlinking, an API, as well as its virtual drive and virtual desktop applications, OpenDrive provides sharing, syncing, online editing, file collaboration, file versioning and other features to allow the user to work smarter and faster than ever before.

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NetroMedia Streaming

NetroMedia is a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and streaming service provider, founded in 1999 with the introduction of the Streaming Media Matrix™. NetroMedia specializes in balanced, cost-effective delivery of streaming media across multiple platforms to audiences throughout the world.

NetroMedia provides online broadcasters with the following Content Protection and Security services:

  • StreamSecure: Online broadcasters can use this service to protect live or on-demand streaming media from unauthorized hot-linking or sharing. Streaming videos or audio clips can be locked to specific websites, domains, sub-domains or IP addresses.
  • GeoFencing: Regional broadcasters who wish to limit their online streaming to certain geographical borders can do so using NetroMedia's GeoFencing solution. This technology ensures only authorized countries or cities are able to tune-in and watch.
  • DRM Protection NetroMedia offers a full line of streaming media Digital Rights Management processing. DRM was set up as a system for the protection of digital works, preventing users from using origial copyrighted content without permission.
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