If you are trying to add the DMCA badge to a website or online website service where you don’t have control over the HTML source code, you will need to get in touch with the website administrators or their technical support to find out if they allow HTML editing within their user's profiles.

Please understand that we can’t have any control over those websites HTML code in any way. Our DMCA badges are intended to be added to websites where our clients have full control over their websites source code.

Some online service websites do not allow HTML formatting into their user’s profiles. This basically means that unfortunately, our badges will be unable to track and check the website content and give them protection.

In case those online website services allow HTML Hyperlinks, please try out the following FAQ: Default badge is not working on website
You can also try adding your site pages manually to your Protected Page list here: Manually add pages to your Protected Page list

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: to Protect your HTTPS website
Modified: 01/18/2019
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