Can DMCA remove Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, of all kinds, is rampant on the internet. Nearly half of all DMCA Takedowns are related to plagiarism. If you have been effected by online plagiarism we can help.
DMCA .com has two Takedown services to remove plagiarism. Each of them can provide a service to takedown webpages containing plagiarized content.

  1.'s Professional Takedown services. We do all the work for you, all you need to do is fill out our simple Takedown form. Takes less than 3 minutes. Click here to get started: Takedown Form In order to get the best pricing please make certain to provide a complete list of all infringing websites. Be as specific as possible, when you sign up.
  2.'s Do it yourself Takedown Service. We provide all the tools the professionals use and you spend the time researching and processing the Takedown Application. DIY Toolkit

Both Takedown services follow the stipulations laid out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However both services work for content removal in all jurisdictions on the planet.


What does DMCA have to do with plagiarism?

As part of the U.S. copyright law, the DMCA addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights under U.S. copyright law have been infringed, particularly but not limited to, on the Internet. DMCA also addresses the rights and obligations of OSP / ISP (Internet Service Providers) on whose servers or networks the infringing material may be found.
This law clearly provides a framework, called the DMCA Takedown (Section 512 (c)(3)), for a process between two parties for the request and removal of copied content found online. For more information you can visit:

If you want to learn more about DMCA Takedowns please see our other FAQ on this specific issue here What is a DMCA Takedown.

Most websites, ISP's, OSP's, hosting companies have adopted the DMCA Takedown process to handle requests for the removal of illegally hosted content on websites within their control. If you think you can use the DMCA takedown process to get your content removed. Click here to file a DMCA Takedown


What information should I provide to remove plagiarism?

To start, the pieces of information are needed to file a DMCA Takedown:

  1. Infringing URL - Where on the internet (or platform like Facebook or TikTok) is your stolen content located. What is the link?
  2. Source URL - Where was your content located when it was stolen? If it was not online you can reference cell phone, computer, cloud storage or camera etc.
  3. Description of Ownership - The owner's name and if you do know how was it stolen? How is this content yours? How do you own it? Created it, bought it, copyright etc. Who is claiming ownership of the content? Who is authorized to file the DMCA Takedown Notice?

The Professional Takedown Team at can help you find the answers to these questions.



DMCA Fast Tip

There can be many reasons a website does not reference the DMCA directly. If a website does not clearly state they follow DMCA you can still process a DMCA Takedown Notice to remove your stolen content.


How can I tell if a website will accept DMCA to remove plagiarism?

Many websites reference the Takedown Notice form on this website directly. If a website uses the DMCA they will usually place a reference in the footer of the website. The clickthrough should clearly state the conditions of the DMCA Takedown process. If you are unsure or the website unclear, click here to complete your takedown request: DMCA Takedown Form. Our professional team will connect your takedown request to the right website.


Is DMCA for plagiarism removal in the US only?

Most countries accept the standard DMCA Takedown Notice form and process. Although the DMCA Takedown is part of US Copyright law, a DMCA Takedown Notice is often used and accepted throughout the world and not exclusive to the United States. The DMCA Takedown process described within the law is widely used throughout the world. However, many countries have their own copyright laws specifically related to the removal of content from internet service providers and site owners within their borders. Which service providers do and do not accept the standard DMCA takedown notice form and process is dynamic and constantly changing. professionals are aware of these constant changes and are able to convert the information submitted through the standard DMCA Takedown signup form to suit specific countries and/or service providers within the legal process they require.



DMCA Takedown Testimonial

I would like to thank DMCA.COM for helping me with my case. They were courteous and professional, and most importantly, successful in resolving my issue. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs help. Thank you very much. -Doron


How can I add the DMCA to my website?'s first recommendation is to contact a lawyer or law firm in the legal jurisdiction of your company or website to determine what is the appropriate legal communication. does not offer any legal advice or specific recommendation regarding any copyright practice. has two programs to help content creators, publishers and UGC platforms:

  1. Content Publishers or Platforms of User Generated Content (UGC) should use the DMCA Compliance program - Get Compliant - adding a compliance badge to your site instantly takes the guess work and time out of processing DMCA Takedown notices on your site.
  2. Content Creators and Publishers (without UGC) should use Protection Pro - Content Protection - it is essential to add an ownership statement to all your content. Registering and adding your content and website to this program is click through easy. There is even a Free program so getting started is easy.
If you are unsure what program is best for your situation by all means reach out and one of the team can provide support: Help Me Choose the right option.


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