These are the two cases where the DMCA Takedown price may be more than $199.00:

  1. Takedowns with websites, ISP's or hosting companies outside of the USA. has conducted takedowns in countries across the globe, including throughout Asia (see case studies) and while most of these takedowns were priced at $199.00 some were more due to language, legal and cultural issues. These non-USA takedowns require greater effort and are therefore priced higher than the standard $199.00. However you will be notified prior to the takedown as to what you can expect the price will be. It will then be your choice as to whether to proceed or not.
  2. Websites, ISP's or Hosting companies within the USA that do not follow generally accepted DMCA takedown process. Some companies either ignore DMCA and the safe harbor from liability or have adopted their own version of the DMCA process. This usually means considerably more time and steps in order to conduct the takedown. If this condition applies to your takedown we will notify you prior to processing your takedown request.
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