Get peace of mind after you have sent a DMCA Takedown Notice. provides a Takedown Monitoring service. This service will monitor any website for repeat copyright violations of any content contained within a takedown notice.


This service gives the sender of a Takedown Notice security knowing that is watching the original website that was illegally hosting content. We make sure the infringing website re-hosts the takedown content again, we'll know. notifies you! If we find the content has been re-hosted we will notify you through email.


We provide two options for this service:
  1. Clients' any client can simply add the monitoring service to their completed Takedown Case.
  2. Other Service Providers Lawfirms, Lawyers, Security Firms, Hosting companies often process takedown notices and require a service to monitor the infringing website contained within completed successful notice.

Total cost per month = $10/mth or $100/year. per takedown notice.
We also offer discounted pricing on Takedown Website Monitoring for multiple notices and multiple websites.

This service to very simple to use.

  1. Complete the form below
  2. be sure and include your takedown case number when you sign up.
  3. Once submitted your case will be processed and
  4. an email sent to you for payment.


Start Takedown Monitoring here:
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