Some sites require a processing fee in order to honor Takedown Notices or Cease and Desist orders. These fees are not part of the DMCA act or copyright law however in some jurisdictions they are an acceptable part of business. If your content is on a site which requires this fee as part of their takedown notice process we will advise you in advance of processing your notice.

These fees are not NOT part of's core business activity or revenue structure and as such is an additional cost to you. However we do not mark up or place a margin on this fee.

Whatever the service provider invoices us we will request from you.

A normal service amount would be $15 USD Notice Processing Fee.

Our conditions should this fee be paid: •  per notice •  after the takedown •  using paypal

If the Processing Fee is paid: •  content must removed within 24 hours of receiving the notice •  content contained within the notice must remain off your site •  agreed upon prior to the takedown

Modified: 07/17/2012
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