Put social media to work for you to help stop content thieves BEFORE they steal your content. Plus use DMCA.com's social media connections to help.
DMCA.com offers a free program to all Protection Badge clients to use our social media to advertising and promote your services . This free service not only provides additional advertising for your website but also uses DMCA.com's social media and website traffic to increase your SEO. And helps combat content theft from your website.
DMCA.com uses social media to regularly promote and advertise successful takedowns of stolen content. This lets would be thieves know our clients take content theft seriously. You too can take part in this advertising, support and promotion program.
Here's how it works:
  • place the DMCA.com Protection Badge on your site
  • fill out the form at the link below and DMCA.com will use its social media accounts to announce that your site is now protected. Not only will we add your website but also any addition information regarding products and services. This has numerous benefits for you, SEO, Advertising to DMCA.com's considerable traffic and lets would be thieves know you are now protected by DMCA.com.
  • use your own social media accounts to announce you have added website protection to your website using DMCA.com's Badge. This lets would be thieves know you take theft of your content seriously and have taken steps with reputable known content protection firm. This statement makes a difference and content thieves notice. Ultimately it's not worth their while to steal and host content they know will only be removed by a DMCA Takedown a few days later.
  • add the DMCA.com "Website Content Protection Policy" on to your website. This policy makes it clear to would be thieves you have an active content protection policy, you monitor the internet for stolen content and when you find it you actively pursue its removal
SEO is a key aspect of content protection and takedown. Many of our clients use our takedown services after they have found their SE page rankings have fallen due to another website using their stolen copyrighted content.
Click here to complete form: www.dmca.com/socialmedia_submit
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