Like Share has a great partners program for hosting companies. It is a great way to make extra money.

No upfront costs, No set up fees, no hidden charges

What are we offering? offers the entire Protection Pro service for hosting companies to resell as a value add service for your clients.

This includes the very popular DMCA Protection Certificate. Click here to see Verified Example.

Each of your client's would have their own Verified Protection certificate. Details on the Website Certificate and Status page. We also offer customizing options should you or your customers require it. These options are listed here.

How does it work?

As you can see on our Hosting demo page you can simply add the service as a monthly line item or include it in your existing service packages. You get heavily discounted wholesale rates based on your account volumes. Click here to see Reseller discount pricing

Basically you will be making money per client per month. In fact you can make up to 70% of all Protection Pro sales revenue per month.

PLUS we give you 10 free accounts so you can start making money before you have to pay a thing.

How to get started?

Set up is very easy.

  1. We can send you a list of account codes or
  2. we can also offer API integration.
  3. We also have an WHMCS app.

Simply fill out our contact form and request set up for hosting service.

Or email our hosting manager directly - Hosting Partner Program

Most popular features of the Protection Pro:

  1. DMCA Protection Badge - the most popular copyright protection badge on the internet - seen on websites around the world
  2. Website Protection Certificate - bigger, better and more useful than the big guy's certificate - BY FAR!
  3. Do it Yourself Takedown toolkit complete DIY takedown toolkit to find, create and send formatted takedowns to infringing parties. Used worldwide.complete webmaster copyright protection tool set. Everything a website / site owner needs to protect and enforce his website content.
  4. Watermarker Service - one step website picture watermarking service. Webmasters easily add a watermark - complete with their logo to all website graphics and pictures.
  5. Wordpress plugins for both the Protection Badge and the Watermarker program.

If you have any other questions please contact us directly. Email our Hosting Partner Program manager We also offer technical discussions an support should you need. If a call from our partners program manager would help, please reach out with best times.

Click Here to get started: Hosting Reseller Program Signup
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