Yes offers a great affiliate program. We provide rewards ranging from $10 to $25 on each sale, depending on the product or service sold.
Interest in DMCA, Copyright Protection, Copyright Infringement and takedowns is growing every day. Be part of a traffic boom and earn regular money.

DMCA Affiliate Program details

Earn Extra money on your website AND be protected too!!

Promote's services on your site and earn cash when your visitors buy from us

The beautiful thing about's Affiliate program is there is so many ways earn money. This means it's easy to find the perfect fit for your website. offers commission on sales of both its takedown services and its website protection service. You make money on every qualified sale!

We make it easy:
  1. Great selection of banners - to get the best match for your site
  2. Paid directly to your PayPal account
  3. No upfront costs or commitments
  4. Great reports
  5. Easy tracking of your sales

Already a Client?

You are already a client of or have registered a badge you are already a "DMCA affiliate". To complete the process simply:

  • log into the ProtectionPortal Here
  • then click at the bottom of the page

    If you are not a Affiliate yet simply and follow the instructions to get started

    Affiliate Management Page

    Once logged into the affiliate management section of the ProtectionPortal you now have all the tools you need to begin:

  • embed codes
  • site badges, banners and buttons - all with your affiliate link already "plumbed in"
  • even a takedown link for any takedown referral business - easy to put into an email or website as standalone text.

    Affiliate Dashboard and Reports offers a complete reporting tool for our affiliate program:

  • all sales from your site
  • existing affiliate URL's
  • including sales dates
  • export tools to extract information into a CRM or other reporting system
  • separate campaign program options - choose different names for different promotional programs

    To become an Affiliate click here:
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