's Compliant program turns makes the handling and processing of DMCA Takedown claims easy and simple.
No matter how many takedowns or abuse@ emails you receive everyday the solution is quick and efficient for any ISP's OSP's, Web Hosting companies, Streaming service providers, aggregating web sites, UGC (User Generated Content) websites. etc.
Go to: The DMCA Takedown or Intellectual Property rights protection takedown process is key to any compliant program. In order to protect copyright and intellectual property any online organization must provide an avenue for illegally hosted content to be removed or taken down.
The Compliant form provides "abuse@" case management easy to organize, fast to process and seamlessly integrated with existing case management programs.
Finally Compliant program also provides a Compliant Badge. This badge much like the Protection badge is an instant indicator of Takedown process compliance. Providing users and clients alike with a sense of confidence and comfort that copyright issues are being well addressed.
Start Your Takedown here:
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