Using and supporting a third party DMCA Takedown Processor like or a lawyer goes a long way to solving a growing number of false claims. The main cause of fake DMCA Takedowns is overworked DMCA Takedown processors (who are often really network admin guys) and the DMCA Safe Harbor which states clearly to follow the takedown to avoid liability. Supporting 3rd party DMCA Takedown companies means these overworked people can trust the takedown has already received some scrutiny and should have a higher degree of truth. has two services which help eliminate false or fake DMCA takedown notices. They are:

DMCA saver program - Especially designed for ISP's, OSP, Webmasters and other online web companies. This program saves web pbased organizations thousands of dollars on the cost of handling DMCA Takedowns. Details:'s Compliant program - This service provides ISP's, OSP, Webmasters and other online web companies a complete DMCA "A to Z" DMCA service. Including submission forms and website documents. Details:

Save Money on DMCA Takedowns:
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