how to get name removed from a website handles cases every day where someone has found their personal name or information online. has been very successful at getting this kind of infringement taken down from most of the popular "naming" websites on the internet.

If someone has gained access to your email, computer files, smartphone, or camera and published personal information about you on the internet, without your permission, can get it removed.

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DMCA Fast Tip

DMCA Fast Tip

The Takedown claim form takes about 3 minutes to fill out. We do the rest for you. Our goal at is to make the process as fast and easy as possible. If you have any questions along the way, we can help you either through email or chat.


What options does have to get my name removed from a website?

  1.'s Professionally Managed takedown service. We do all the work for you; all you need to do is fill out our simple Takedown form. It takes less than 3 minutes. If you wish to perform a Cease and Desist this is the service to choose. Click here to get started Takedown Form
  2.'s Do it Yourself takedown service. We provide all the tools the professionals use and you spend the time researching and processing the Takedown Application. DIY Services

With the Professionally Managed takedown service we can help you decide whether your notice is best filed through the standard DMCA Takedown process, or if legal services are needed to file a Cease and Desist Notice. The DMCA Takedown is delivered because the infringing website is publishing content which is in violation of copyright protection act or being used without permission, according to the sworn statement of the content owner. A Cease and Desist can be used in cases of defamation, slander or other legal conditions.


How can a takedown help get my name removed from a website?

Most websites, ISP's, OSP's, hosting companies have adopted the DMCA Takedown process to handle requests for the removal of illegally hosted content on websites within their control. If you think you can use the DMCA takedown process to get your content removed. Click here to file a DMCA Takedown

As part of the U.S. copyright law, the DMCA addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights under U.S. copyright law have been infringed, particularly but not limited to, on the Internet. DMCA also addresses the rights and obligations of OSP / ISP (Internet Service Providers) on whose servers or networks the infringing material may be found. This law clearly provides a framework, called the DMCA Takedown (Section 512 (c)(3)), for a process between two parties for the request and removal of copied content found online. For more information you can visit:

If you want to learn more about DMCA Takedowns please see our other FAQ on this specific issue here What is a DMCA Takedown.



DMCA Takedown Testimonial

Thank you for your help. The Takedown process was fast, easy and painless. Within 24 hours of initiation, my request was fully satisfied. - R.B.


Who is authorized to file a Takedown to get my name removed from a website?

  1. The owner of the content described in the takedown notice.
  2. An authorized agent of the owner of the content described in the takedown notice.

If the owner of the content chooses an agent to act on their behalf, they must first legally state:

  1. They own the content contained in the takedown notice.
  2. They have authorized the agent to act on their behalf.

Note: requires this sworn statement from every one of its paying Professionally Managed Clients. See example here: Takedown Notice Sign up form - in order to complete this form users must legally swear they are authorized to submit a takedown notice. has also added the same safety feature within its DIY program. There are specific statements within the DIY takedown notice regarding abuse of the service.


Who typically files takedowns for removal of names from websites?

  1. copyright owners
  2. content publishers or distributors (with permission of the content or copyright owners)
  3. NFT owners
  4. code writers and publishers
  5. social media users and participants
  6. subject contained within the content and published without permission (special considerations may be required)


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