Please follow the instructions below for getting the DMCA badge added to your MFC profile.

If you are looking to add the DMCA badge to be displayed as a watermark in your broadcast video stream, this is currently not possible. Please get in touch with the MFC website administrators for assistance. You are free to use many available cam services and applications, such as ManyCam, WebcamMax, CamTwist or SplitCam to add the badge from the source broadcast.

1. Log in to your DMCA account:

2. Once logged in, click on “Protection Badges” tab and then on the “Protection Pages”.

3. Click on the button that says “Add Badges to your site”. 

4. Locate the desired badge you want to use in your profile and select it. 

5. Log in to website and click on the link that says “Edit” which is located on the right of the link that says “Profiles”. 

6. A new website page will load up, go to the link that says “Edit Profile”.

7. Under Profile Information, click on the link that says “Step Four”. 

8. Copy the HTML code from your DMCA account to the “More About Me/Bio” field. 

9. Remove the following piece of code that you have just inserted in your MFC profile: 

<script src=""> </script>

10. Finally, click on the “Save Profile” button located below the site page.

When visitors see your MFC profile, they will be able to see the DMCA badge that you have inserted in the About Me section.

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: click here to Upgrade to do your own takedowns
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