Monthly Subscription payments for services are cancelled:

  1. through your PayPal account - Manage Paylist Section
  2. or through the Billing Details section of the ProtectionPortal

Monthly Subscription Payment Cancellations

Under the "Deactivation" Section on your Billing Details and History page
  1. If paying by PayPal:
    1. Log into your account here:
    2. Select bottom option - PayPal - Unsubscribe Here and click "Unsubscribe" button - which will take you to your paypal account paylist link
    3. login to your PayPal account
    4. Once logged into PayPal go and on your "Managed Paylist Section" (
    5. Status: click cancel
  2. If paying by Credit Card:
    1. Log into your account here:
    2. under the subscribed without PayPal section - click "Deactivate Protection Pro"

If you would like to do this on your behalf, submit a cancellation request here: Create a support case when logged in: (
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