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DMCA.com handles cases everyday where someone has found their personal, private picture(s) online. Often stolen from email, phones, laptops or even cameras these pictures end up on a website without your permission.

If this has happened to you, we can help. DMCA.com has been very successful at getting this kind of infringement taken down from most of the popular adult websites on the internet.

If someone has gained access to your mobile, cell phone, email, computer files, or camera and published naked pictures of you on the internet without your permission, DMCA.com can get them removed. To get started fill out the form here: Professional Takedown Service



DMCA Fast Tip

Find as many copies (URL's) and versions as you can. It can be a tough and difficult process but you are the best person to identify this content. Often it will be cropped or altered in some way so often you can identify it the quickest. Make a list. Like a weed, if you can get to the source, you can stop it from spreading. Often only one website was the source of the uploaded photo or video. It is important to get it removed from there and move on to the other sites, if there are any.


How long to complete the Takedown form?

The DMCA.com Takedown claim form takes about 3 minutes to fill out. We do the rest for you. Our goal at DMCA.com is to make the process as fast and easy as possible.

If you need answers about time, simply add a note to ask your takedown professional to provide you with an estimate of the time it will take to get your content down.


How long until my nude selfie is taken down?

The length of time for the content to be taken down from a website can be hours or days. It depends on the site and conditions of the takedown notice.

One of the advantages of using a professional company like DMCA.com is experience and expertise in building and processing takedown notices.

  1. Experience means - the team is familiar with the site where your content is located and will know what it takes to get the content removed quickly.
  2. Expertise means - getting it right the first time. It is critical to get notice process right the first time to not waste time in the getting the content removed.


What if I don't have the original naked image?

Not having source copies or information of proof can make the issue more complex, however it is a common problem.

Our team is familiar with the process of missing source information for takedown notices. They will help guide you through what you need to do and fix.

Please clearly indicate why this information is not available to add to your takedown form.


What if my naked photos are on more than one site?

Most takedown notices contain several websites or platforms. Our takedown signup form has all the space you need to add as many links as you want.

Our team is familiar with the process of multiple website takedown notices. They will help guide you through what you need to do and know.

If there is one site in particular that is of the most concern for you make sure and highlight that when you sign up for your takedown. It will help the team prioritize the work they need to do for your case.



DMCA Takedown Testimonial

Thanks so much!!! I noticed it was down and posted it to all my friends so they know who to go to if it ever happened to them. I am so very glad to have your badge on my website and I hope to never have to use it again but feel good that it's there to protect my pictures :D - Anna


What do I need to provide to get private selfies removed?

Three pieces of information are needed to get started:

1. Infringing URL

Infringing URL

Where on the internet or platform is your stolen content located? What is the link that you want the content removed from? Be sure to provide the URL or website/webpage link of the content you want removed. If the stolen content is an image or video located on a website provide the direct link of the content contained in the site. Copy and paste the infringing text, or provide the URL of the infringing image if required.

An example link would look like: https://www.badguy_site.com/webpage/image_2

Source URL

2. Source URL

Where was your content located when it was stolen? Was it on your social media profile? Was it from your own website? Provide the exact URL where it was stolen from, even if the content has already been removed from its original location. The original URL is still valuable to the notice. If it was not online you can reference cell phone, computer, or camera etc. If it was online such as a website or cloud storage provide the link to the exact page it was stolen from. You can upload the original content to a cloud storage service and provide that URL with an explanation of where it was originally stolen from.

An example link would look like: https://share.icloud.com/photos/my_original_content

3. Description of Ownership

Description of Ownership

What is the content owner's name and how was the content stolen? How is this content yours? How do you own it? Did you create it, buy it, copyright it? Who is claiming ownership of the content? Who is authorized to file the DMCA Takedown? When did you create the content and when was the content stolen?

An example description would sound like: "My photo I took of myself on my camera was stolen from my Google Drive and was posted on this website without my knowledge and I would like it removed."

If you are unsure how to collect the information for these three categories the Professional Takedown Team at DMCA.com can help with the answers. Click here to ask us about your situation.


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