By default, LinkedIn Pulse does not allow advanced HTML formatting when creating new posts. We do have a workaround that will require little work from your end to get it right. The instructions provided here will assume you are already logged in to your and LinkedIn accounts. 
This solution will also require you to Upgrade to Pro as LinkedIn Pulse uses HTTPS and this is not included in the free account. 

To get this working, you will need to create your own link.

  1. Log into your account, Go to the Badges page
  2. Select the badge/image of your choice and save it into your hard drive (right click, save as).
  3. Copy the badge HTML code and paste it on a notepad or any text editor. That code should look like this:
    1. a href="" title=" Protection Status" class="dmca-badge"> img src="" alt=" Protection Status"

  4. From within this code, retrieve your badge GUID. GUID - This would be your DMCA Badge "Global Unique Identifier" which contains 36 characters. Looks like: 
    1. ab3c3ab3-425f-44ca-8338-07ccdaaa6dc9

  5. Now, put the link together with your GUID and LinkedIn post link.

      Here is an example on how it should end up:

  6. Upload the badge image to your LinkedIn post.
  7. Once it has been uploaded, select it and add the link created to it.
  8. When done you can save or update your post. provides tech support to create a working link for account, simply create a case/ticket when logged into your DMCA Protection Portal.

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: Protect your user generated HTTPS Profile
Modified: 04/09/2019
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