The cost of a takedown through is typically cheaper than an attorney.'s Professionally Managed Takedown Pricing is $199.00 per takedown for one website or domain.

This expense is less than an attorney to process takedowns. Some takedowns do come with additional costs, if this is the case our Professional Takedown staff will let you know prior to your takedown commencing what the cost will be. To get started: Complete the form here.

To get started with the Professionally Managed Takedown service right away, submit the takedown form here: Takedown Form.

How to Save Money on Takedown Pricing

  1. Bulk or Volume Savings - provides clients with bulk or volume discounted pricing for more than one domain or website takedowns. In order to receive accurate pricing be certain and include all the URLs of the stolen content when completing the Takedown Signup Form. Once submitted the Takedown Team will determine the total cost of your takedown service.
  2. Protection Pro Members Discount - All takedowns come with a 10% discount for all Verified Protection Pro Members, once Verified for more than 30 days.
  3. Protection Extra -'s Content Protection Extra Service means never having to pay for the same takedown twice. This service comes with various levels of protection but essentially the savings can be huge on the cost of takedown services.
  4. DIY Takedowns - For $10/Month or $100/Year offers a "Do It Yourself" Takedown Program as part of the very popular Protection Pro Membership. This service is not professionally managed. No case worker from will help create or review takedown cases through this service. This program has been offered from the very beginning of launching believes strongly that the tools and trade of the internet should be available to anyone. The DIY takedown service provides the user with a complete working toolkit (including the takedown notice forms) to conduct takedowns. Users will most likely need to have some knowledge of how the internet works and will need to be in contact with the infringing website directly. Takedowns in general have gotten more complex over the years and the process takes more effort than before to achieve success.


DMCA-John Fast Tip

Act fast and submit your takedown request as soon as you find infringing content. This helps prevent further theft, which will require additional takedown notices and would cost you more in the long run.


What is the Price of a Takedown?

At, the goal is to be open and transparent about pricing. There are 3 main options through's takedown services to have stolen content removed from the internet.

Professionally Managed Takedown Service - $199.00

  1. Full service
  2.'s takedown pro's do all the work
  3. Build the takedown notice
  4. Send the takedown notice to the infringing website and ISP
  5. Confirm the notice has been received by the infringing parties
  6. Track the takedown notice to ensure compliance
  7. Replies with infringing Website owners and ISP representatives to confirm infringing compliant
  8. Confirming removal of stolen content
  9. 100% money back guarantee if the content is not taken down

DIY (Do it Yourself) Takedown Toolkit - $10.00/month or $100/year

This service is managed completely by the client, use the tools to create, file, and track the takedown request. This includes:

  1. The takedown toolkit to build takedown notices
  2. The website detective to locate the contacts for the infringing site
  3. Monitoring services to keep tabs on stolen content

Quick Send - $99

  1.'s takedown pro's build the formal notice and send to the infringing site
  2. No takedown money back guarantee

To get started with the Professionally Managed Takedown service right away, submit the takedown form here: Takedown Form.

How Much do DMCA Takedown Notices Cost?'s Professionally Managed Takedown Pricing is $199.00

This includes:

  1. 100% Money back guarantee - if content is not removed the $199 payment is eligible for refund.
  2. Up to 25 (and often more) infringing URLs per website or domain for the $199 price, see savings options below.
  3. Professional, confidential, fully qualified, experienced, highly trained case manager - a real person.
  4. Fully secure takedown case communication service. Reach out to the's case managers in complete confidence at any time.
  5. All communication to and from (emails, chats, phone calls, voice mails, etc.) will never contain confidential information.
  6. Protection Portal login and case management service. Completely secure, and password protected account with the case management dashboard to conduct all communications with in confidence.'s Pricing Promise!

  • The money back guarantee is just that - if content is not removed, the case is eligible to be refunded.
  • will never force anyone to pay for something they do not want.
  • The Takedown Team informs of all costs at every step of the process.
  • The Takedown Team can do as little or as much of the takedown work as the budget allows.
  • The Takedown Team will always ask to confirm services and pricing choices before charging.
  • To reach out with any questions regarding the price of's takedown services, click here to: Ask a Takedown Question

    Additional Takedown Service Options

    These service options are not required to complete a takedown request. There is no requirement to purchase any of these options. Most often's Takedown Team may recommend additional options if they could be of help.


    Very often a client will not have a complete picture of the number of infringing links of their stolen content on the internet. The team is expert at finding content. Research does two things - provides a complete picture of the level of content theft and provides clients with peace of mind knowing the whole picture.

    Legal Referral

    Sometimes within the takedown process clients may want to involve legal support. can help with referrals to legal counsel. Simply ask the takedown notice manager or client service support staff.


    Often once a takedown request has been completed clients want us to monitor the infringing website OR the internet as whole for repeated theft of their content. This service is referred to as monitoring. can provide monitoring services for unlimited content with unlimited conditions. Please detail any monitoring requests within the takedown signup form and the takedown team will provide a quote


    Either before or after a takedown case has been processed, scanning of the infringing websites may be required. This scanning process is to make certain that every URL that should be included in the takedown request is found.

    Case Construction

    Often clients have difficulty compiling their takedown case completely.'s highly trained and qualified case managers can correctly locate and identify infringing URLs that are located on a website or websites that have illegally published stolen content. On very large sites this process may be a challenge to the uninitiated.


    Some circumstances may require that elements within the takedown notice be translated in order to process the takedown.

    Website Administration Fee has found that some sites will charge an "administration fee" to remove content offline. This charge is not a normal part of the process or standard practice. However, it does occur most often in jurisdictions outside of the US. If there is a situation where this fee is required, the takedown team will provide options to pay the cost directly or through

    Will a takedown ever cost more than $199?

    There are some instances where additional costs will be required in order to file a takedown request. The takedown team will provide pricing options as soon as the assessment is complete. If the options are not suitable then a refund can be requested instead.

    How to pay?

    PayPal or Credit Card (through Stripe). Payment options are available at the top of the case.

    Even though there is more than 1 domain listed in the takedown request the price does not change on the form?

    Proceed with completing the takedown form. Add all of the case information. Once a case manager has been assigned to a takedown professional the remaining cost of the takedown can be evaluated and the case will be updated with a final price.


    DMCA-Manuel Testimonial

    The service I received from DMCA was efficient, prompt, and helpful. I contacted them for their services on a Saturday and they began working on my case the same day! Within 24 to 48 hours, they had successfully completed their work on my case. I also received updates and quick responses to my questions. I had an excellent experience with them and would recommend their services to everyone. I appreciated all of their time and effort spent on my case. Thanks.


    What do I need to provide for the $199.00 Takedown Service?

    Three main pieces of information are needed to get started filing a DMCA Takedown Notice:

    1. Infringing URLs - the links you want removed

    Infringing URL

    Where on the internet or platform is your stolen content located? What is the link that you want the content removed from? Be sure to provide the URL or website/webpage link of the content you want removed. If the stolen content is an image or video located on a website provide the direct link of the content contained in the site. Copy and paste the infringing text, or provide the URL of the infringing image if required.

    An example link would look like:

    Source URL

    2. Source URLs - where the content was stolen from

    Where was your content located when it was stolen? Was it on your social media profile? Was it from your own website? Provide the exact URL where it was stolen from, even if the content has already been removed from its original location. The original URL is still valuable to the notice. If it was not online you can reference cell phone, computer, or camera etc. If it was online such as a website or cloud storage provide the link to the exact page it was stolen from. You can upload the original content to a cloud storage service and provide that URL with an explanation of where it was originally stolen from.

    An example link would look like:

    3. Description of Ownership - describe what happened

    Description of Ownership

    What is the content owner's name and how was the content stolen? How is this content yours? How do you own it? Did you create it, buy it, copyright it? Who is claiming ownership of the content? Who is authorized to file the DMCA Takedown? When did you create the content and when was the content stolen?

    An example description would sound like: "My photo I took of myself on my camera was stolen from my Google Drive and was posted on this website without my knowledge and I would like it removed."

    If you are unsure how to collect the information for these three categories, the Professional Takedown Team at can help with the answers. Click here to ask us about your situation.

    How long does it take to get started with the Professionally Managed Takedown service?

    The Takedown form takes about 3 minutes to fill out. We will do the rest for you, our goal at is to make the process as fast and easy as possible. Go here to: submit the form.

    Who can use the Professionally Managed Takedown service?

    1. content publishers or distributors (with permission of the content or copyright owners)
    2. copyright owners
    3. social media users and participants
    4. content creators/owners
    5. code writers and publishers
    6. NFT owners
    7. subject contained within the content and published without permission (special considerations may be required)

    Which websites use DMCA?

    If a website uses the DMCA they will usually place a reference in the footer of the website. The clickthrough should clearly state the conditions of the DMCA Takedown process. Many websites reference the Takedown Notice form on this website directly. If you are unsure or the website unclear, click here to complete your takedown request: DMCA Takedown Form. Our professional team will connect your takedown request to the right website.

    Infringing content is taken down from many different websites and platforms.

    Here's some examples:

    1. by the website owner, upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice from the website owner's ISP / Hosting company. This would occur when ISP / Hosting company receives a notice sent by or on behalf of the content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
    2. by the website owner upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice from the, or on behalf of, the content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
    3. from a UCG (User Generated Content) Platform (like Facebook and TikTok), upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice sent by or on behalf of the infringed content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
    4. by the by the ISP or Hosting company of the website that is publishing the infringing content. This occurs because the website owner has not voluntarily complied with a DMCA Notice and the ISP or Hosting company must comply with the Takedown notice.
    5. when an infringing website is taken down or taken "offline" by its ISP or Hosting company. This occurs because the website owner does not voluntarily comply with a Takedown notice as described above.

    These Takedown actions occur upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice which uses stipulations laid out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (DMCA). This Act directly addresses the takedown of (copyright) infringed content from a website which is publishing content in violation of copyright protection act or content being used without permission or not in accordance to the sworn statement of the content owner.

    Simply Stated: there are many ways content may be removed but they process starts with a Takedown Notice.


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