With DMCA.com you can protect all your digital assets. Including social media and site postings like twitter, instagram, linkedin, forums, blogs etc.

Please follow these instructions on how to protect your social media posts.

  1. You must first have a paid protection pro account.
  2. Login to your protection pro account
  3. from the Dashboard click on the "Add a protected item" button
  4. Once on the Add a Protected Item page - enter the protected item information into the relevant fields.
  5. when finished click submit
  6. select the "View certificate generated for: name if item"
  7. this will generate a completed certificate which you can review for accuracy
  8. click the url at the top of the certificate and
  9. add certificate URL to the bottom of your post to protect, authenticate and state your ownership of the content contained within your post.
add a protected item dashboard button
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